Explore Some of the Best E-Commerce Platforms for 2019 to Boost Your Business

Establishing a successful e-commerce business is certainly a challenging task and you need to put in a lot of effort into it. Some people treat e-commerce business so casually that you may be led into believing that it is a completely easy and automated model which does not involve any pains while setting it up, unlike a physical store. But in reality, e-commerce business could be far more challenging as compared to any other kind of traditional businesses. It is actually dependent on just one variable referred to as the third-party platform.

You must consider leveraging the power of any robust third-party platform such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Volusion or any other if you want your e-commerce business to grow and prosper. You could carry on selling your unique products on your own via your customized website; however, if you wish to effectively scale your operation, you would be requiring one of these third-party e-commerce platforms for fueling your small business’s marketing strategy. However, as per experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs, the most challenging aspect of an e-commerce business is tackling issues associated with the limitations that are typical to these platforms. Let us explore some of the best e-commerce platforms that would help your business attain pinnacles of glory in 2019.


As per https://www.forbes.com, we are given to understand that the e-commerce market across the globe in 2018 was $2.8 trillion as per a research report published by Digital Commerce 360. Moreover, it is forecasted to reach $4.9 trillion by the year 2021. According to Statista, we know that online sales should be reaching 17.5% of the overall sales by the year 2021. Shopify is assisting small businesses to find a niche for themselves in their line of trade. Shopify is gradually gaining a lot of popularity and success. In the year 2018, the total value of the goods that were actually sold on this third-party platform was just $41 billion comprising 1.5% of the total global online sales. However, Shopify is gaining traction at a rapid speed. The platform’s commission revenue went up to as much as $1 billion in the year 2018 which was a 59.4 percent boost year-over-year. The platform is pretty aggressive about enhancing its portfolio with top-grade value-added services and products. Shopify is expected to be an e-commerce platform winner very soon. Today it has undoubtedly become a bigger e-commerce brand and is gaining momentum by the day. It is surely an affordable option and you could have access to effective branding tools and no-experience design, Facebook and even Facebook Store solutions, help listing on eBay and Amazon and a POS feature too.

You would get everything in just one single dashboard. The only apparent drawback is the platform’s pricing policy that is dependent primarily on the stages of business. Shopify offers outstanding customer support. Small businesses could easily avail round-the-clock and highly reliable customer support. Shopify expert would be available 24×7 via live chat, email, or telephone for resolving any issues or responding to your queries.

Shopify would help your e-commerce store to operate flawlessly throughout the day. Thanks to such outstanding features, Shopify has most deservedly emerged as a successful platform for effective e-commerce store development. Today sellers have the choice of creating their online stores on this platform or simply have their existing stores migrated to it. Moreover, you may seek professional assistance and expertise from a reputed branding agency NYC to boost your brand online.


BigCommerce is a highly popular e-commerce platform and is regarded as an effective and all-in-one solution that aids you in coming up with a robust e-commerce store that does not necessitate the purchase of themes or hosting from third-party companies. BigCommerce is being used by some of the top brands such as Martha Stewart, Toyota, Schwinn, CamelBak, Gibson, and Payless.

BigCommerce is actually a direct competitor of Magento and Shopify. However, it boasts of certain unique features that help it to stand apart from the rest. It offers one of the most robust and powerful analytics and store management interfaces in the e-commerce industry. BigCommerce is surely one of the top e-commerce solutions in the industry today. You need to realize that you need to think beyond the limits of a singular storefront. BigCommerce assists you in doing that. There is no scope for such things as solo e-commerce anymore whether it is online or a brick and mortar business. BigCommerce helps in creating easily integrated and attractive storefronts for eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and more while letting you effectively manage payments, products, and shipping.

The most attractive feature of BigCommerce is its incredible flexibility. You could effectively use it as a complete SaaS solution or you could use it as purely an e-commerce engine, or you could consider using it with site infrastructure or CMS of your choosing. There is seamless integration because of a new and robust WP plug-in present in beta and robust APIs.


WooCommerce is an open source and fully customizable e-commerce plug-in meant for WordPress. It is the right choice for various small businesses wanting a seamless integration with WordPress. Its support is the USP of WooCommerce. It boasts of an impressive team of developers and a huge variety of plugins that facilitate adding new features. Moreover, multiple plugins could end up causing conflicts and adversely impacting the specific site security and slowing the site down.


Magento is the best platform for transforming small businesses into larger ones via a platform that has been established on the idea of measurable and consistent growth. Magento is supposed to be a self-hosted solution for e-commerce and boasts of flexible features. It has a robust community with an effective network of business owners, experts, tech aficionados, marketers, etc. It is having cloud commerce, product & payment channel, and flexible features.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Volusion offers some of the most effective and best e-commerce software. If you are worried about creating and managing a store, you could seek assistance from Volusion as this platform could help to set up a store easily within just a few minutes thanks to responsive themes and a truly comprehensive site builder. You could consider editing whenever you desire and you could successfully operate it from just a single dashboard. It offers outstanding customer support.


Once you have already spent so much time, effort, and money for designing a unique site which would be converting traffic effectively into sales or conversion, it is of crucial importance to make sure that the site is actually running smoothly all the time. So you must choose one of the above-mentioned e-commerce platforms for reliable and effective services.

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