Experience a Resort Atmosphere in Chiang Mai

As a province in Thailand, Chiang Mai receives many accolades. That is because this area is both beautiful and laid-back. Therefore, it makes the ideal resort setting. As a result, you can find several healthful spas in this part of the world.

Finding the Ideal Spa Treatment

A variety of treatments are featured in spas at Chiang Mai – all of which are designed to suit individual preferences and needs. For example, the Thai massage is a popularly featured amenity at almost any spa in Chiang Mai. To receive this treatment is pure luxury. The ancient healing system combines Ayurvedic principles with acupressure and yoga postures. The massage is performed to follow the body’s energy lines – all of which will make you feel more flexible and calmer.

By adding an aroma oil to the massage therapy, you will take the treatment to another level. Skin therapies are also available in various packages at Chiang Maj spas. When visiting a spa in this part of the world, you will want to first review the various branches. Top-class spas of this caliber often feature several spa rooms and a spa shop so that you can continue some treatments in the comfort of your home.

Loosening Up Tight or Inflamed Muscles or Joints

Some of the one-of-a-kind spa treatments featured in Chiang Mai include hand reflexology, a facial soothing massage treatment, a warm oil massage, and an aromatic hot stone massage. If you suffer from back or shoulder pain, you may want to try the back and shoulder massage.

Are you interested in a body scrub or body wrap? If so, you can schedule these services when you go to a premium spa. Try the four-hand Thai Massage with herbal compress, and you will feel total bliss. The ten-step soothing facial treatment is especially popular, as it deeply cleanses the skin with products such as aloe vera, jojoba cream scrub, and aloe toner.

Ingredients That Matter

This type of facial rejuvenation is designed for all skin types. Anti-aging therapy is emphasized with vitamin A repair ampoules. Patrons enjoy after-cleansing care with products such as eye contour gel, a honey St. John Wort cream mask, and aloe vera jelly gel to support hydration.

Skin Lifting and Massage

The next step involves massaging the face to support skin lifting and, therefore, prevent sagging. Aloe night cream is used to add firmness and elasticity. The treatment concludes by applying aloe cream for moisture protection against dryness and oxidation.

A Way to Feel Truly Pampered

It is always nice to complement this type of therapy with a service, such as a hand reflexology or foot reflexology. Doing so will make you feel totally relaxed and beautiful. These types of spa services make it possible for both women and men to receive the pampering they need to feel better about themselves and their lifestyle overall.

If you want to escape to a resort climate, you will find the perfect getaway in Chiang Mai. You just need to review the spa services first. That way, you can book a day for some pampering for yourself. Take time now to review all the spa services featured online to choose just the right treatment plan for you.

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