Everything to Know About Nurse Scrubs

If you have been in the medical profession for quite some time, you might have had a few types of scrubs. Nurse scrubs have had a lot of changes through the years, and may not portray what their wearers do.

Nursing scrubs may also depend on the department that they are assigned to, and nurses should also have the ability to choose how to feel fashionable but still befitting for proper work attire.

What Do Hospitals Usually Require?

Nurses often wear the type of scrubs that the hospitals they work in require them to use. These are not chosen out of whim. It is based on how the patients will perceive their nurses and the environment itself. There may also be other factors why a hospital chose the scrubs that they are going to use, such as indicating where they work.

What Department Do You Work In?

Sometimes, the color often indicates which department they work in, or what they are responsible for. If you are a patient who might have come from the emergency room, you might have already seen nurses wearing different colors of scrubs.

Colors are also significant indicators if they have been working long in their profession, or they are just starting. It helps if you’re not sure who you can talk to if the doctor is not around.

Consider the Workplace

Some hospitals will not have any specific requirements when it comes to nurse scrubs, but it is best to consider still where you will be working to keep the dress code intact. There is always the concept of how patients will perceive you. It is best to look into that as well.

Prioritize Hygiene Above All

Medical professionals work in an environment where they are required to work with patients that are sick to varying degrees; this is the reason why hygiene is of the utmost priority. They would need to make sure that their uniforms do not also attract germs or dirt quickly so that their patient’s health is not compromised.

Comfort Should Be a Priority

Nurses might be required to work longer shifts, so it’s best to have comfortable scrubs, as you would not want to be sweating bullets from just working only a few hours, or it does not even allow you to move that well. A proper scrub should at least help you more in focusing on your job.

Pockets Are a Necessity

You would not want to be holding everything with your hands, and as a nurse, you always need to have your hands free so you can assist as much as you can. Pockets can also help you avoid misplacing essential items that you will need for your work. It also helps you to have usually used items at hand, instead of running all over the place to find, let us say, a pulse oximeter.


Nurses, as well as doctors, are always exposed to patients who might have contagious diseases. They are also working for most of their professional lives, taking care of patients more than they are taking care of their own families.

This does not reflect who they are as a person, but the work they have chosen that provides them a sense of fulfillment as a person.

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