Even If You Don’t Like Vodka Here Are 19 Reasons To Keep A Spare Bottle

I don’t drink alcohol. This is probably the major reason why I don’t keep any kind of alcohol in my house. Maybe you will find a bottle of wine here or there if some of my guests bring as a gift, but I can say we are a non-alcoholic house.

That’s why it’s strange for me when I see that you can use alcohol to do a couple of things around your home. Like the first one on this list, for example.

It’s my first time to see that you can use vodka to keep your flowers looking flawless for a longer time.

Some people are already using the power of vodka for such thing. You don’t have to drink vodka to keep a spare bottle in your home.

Let’s see the other things you can do with vodka. There are some interesting DIY’s here.

Here we go:

1. Mix vodka and a teaspoon of sugar concoction and our it in the vase to keep your flowers looking flawless for longer.


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2. Make your own eyeglass cleaning solution by combining water, alcohol, and a drop of dish soap.


3.  Reduce the amount of gluten when making dough by substituting 1 tablespoon of vodka for every third tablespoon of water. Your pie dough will come out perfectly flaky.

Vodka keeps the dough from forming too much gluten. Your pie dough will come out perfectly flaky.

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4. Vodka is a great solvent for sticky residue. Remove any stickiness easily by rubbing it with a bit of vodka. It’s also great for painlessly removing band-aids.

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5. Make a homemade window cleaner that doesn’t leave streaks and keeps the windows sanitizes by diluting some vodka in a spray bottle.

Dilute some vodka in a spray bottle and you instantly have a full bottle of homemade household cleanser that will leave surfaces streak-free and sanitized.

6. Having weed problems? Mix 1 ounce of vodka, a few drops of liquid dish soap, and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Apply on a sunny day to broadleaf weeds that grow in direct sunlight; the vodka will help remove the leaves’ waxy coating, causing them to dry out.

weeed killer

7. Keep those pesky bugs away by making an effective vodka bug spray.


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8. Deodorize your clothes with a few squeezes of the spray bottle.

Clothes Deodorizer

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9. Keep your dark clothes from loosing their color by spraying them a mixture of equal parts vodka and water.

Keep Dark Fabrics Dark

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10. Why spending spend money on expensive skin toners, when you can get the same results with a homemade vodka skin toner.


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11. Got stung by a poison ivy on your nature walk? Pouring vodka on the rash immediately after a rash appears helps wash away the oils that cause discomfort.


12. Having problems with dandruff? Hair loss? Frizz? Dry and dull hair? Vodka can fix them all.


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13. Chocolate and vanilla extracts make desserts taste so much better. They are even better when you make them yourself, and vodka is the key.


Tutorial for vanilla extract via and for chocolate extract via

14. Vodka’s freezing point is lower than water, so by combining equal parts of vodka and water and freeze it in a bag you’ll get a perfect slushie ice pack to treat your injuries.


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15. Disinfect your mattress in minutes with a vodka concoction.


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16. Snickers stinking up the place? Spray some vodka in them to get rid of the smell. And if you get stinky feet from the shoes, prepare a foot soak with warm water and a splash of vodka to deodorize your feet.


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17. Rid tile and caulk of dark spots by spraying them with vodka. Let sit for up to 30 minutes, scrub with a grout brush or old toothbrush, and rinse thoroughly. And if you want a nicer smell, add some essential oils.


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18. Soothing smells do help ease aches and pains, and lavender is one of the most potent herbs out there. Make yourself a powerful lavender tincture with vodka.


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19.Silver jewelry does get tainted with time, and you can’t apply elbow grease on those small and delicate pieces without damaging them. However, you can bring back their shine by simply soaking it in vodka for 15 minutes.


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Remember to use vodka only for these things. Drinking it never helped anybody.

If you liked what vodka can do, don’t forget to share it with your friends. They will thank you for it!

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