Essential Tips On How To Use an Air Fryer

An ‘Air Fryer’ is a kitchen utensil that makes use of the convection mechanism to circulate heat on food to cook it. The hot air that is distributed around the food happens in a fast motion to intensify the heat and make the food cook on time. This cooking appliance can be used to cook different types of meals, especially fries. Some people prefer to use an air fryer to prepare their food because it helps to a large extent reduce the fat in cooked meals with the help of the ambient heat. Some people also believe that using an air fryer to cook will help to give you only the nutrition that your body needs, and remove anything that can be harmful to the body. The main difference between an air fryer and an oven is the airspeed that an air fryer makes use of which is faster to cook meals than the stove. Also, an oven has a restriction on the types of meals it can make as it can only be used for baking.

On the other hand, an air fryer has no restriction on the types of meals it can cook. The only problem with an air fryer is that it cooks in small quantities. Some people may be conflicted as to how to make use of an air fryer; these fundamental steps will help anyone in that category.

Make Sure The Air Dryer Is Dry And Clean

If you have just gotten an air fryer and you want to make use of it, it is better always to make sure that it is dry before putting food items inside it. As stated already, air fryers make use of heat circulation, so it is advisable always to keep it clean, neat and dry.

Cook In Small Quantities

An air fryer is a fragile kitchen appliance, so it is also advisable to never crowd it and make sure that it is tightly closed before you start cooking. This is because it makes use of an enormous amount of heat to prepare meals, so if the temperature is escaping through the lid, then the air fryer will not function properly. An air fryer is very different from a pot that can cook large quantities of food at the same time. Experts have emphasized that people should only use their air fryer when they want to cook for themselves alone or a small group of people.

Food Sprays Are Essential

When making use of an air fryer you are required to make use of a minimal amount of oil, but you can also make use of food sprays, to help your food cook well. These food sprays ensure that when the air fryer has finished cooking, your food does not stick to it.

Shake It

When the air fryer is cooking, you should try to shake it mildly to make the food mix well. This is done in case of food compression, to help the food not stick or compress, especially fries.


Some people only use their air fryers for frying, but to understand this appliance, you should try to explore with it by using it to cook different kinds of meals.

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