Essential Steps to Follow If You Plan To Visit the European Union

If you are planning to visit the European Union, you might just need to follow some steps. European Travel and Information System are going to launch a new electronic system to check whether the people who are attempting for Visa, are safe or not. It is going to be an automated IT system, which will start right from 1st January of 2021. 

Now, this new process is the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS). The main reason behind this is simple, to control increasing risks from foreign travelers while also letting the flow go on. Are you eager to know about the steps, well, read on below?

  • Make Sure If  You Are Even Eligible

You should first do some research to know about the list of the countries that are eligible to apply for the Visa even. Unfortunately, if your country is not on the list, then you will need to apply for a normal Visa. Note that, if you are a part of the Schengen area, then you do not need to do all these, as internal borders are invalid for the members of the area.

  • Go For The Online Application

This part can be a little bit hazardous for you if you do not have a strong and stable network connection. Because even a minute drop in the stability of the connection can lead you to start the entire stuff all over right from scratch. Also, be sure to have a heavy bank balance because the application itself seeks 7 Euros.

  • Get Done With The Online Application Form

Be very careful and honest when you fill the application form because whether you will get consideration for an ETIAS or not, largely depends on this. Prepare with you important documents like a passport and other things.

  • Do Check If Your Passport Is Valid

When you go applying for Visa during the ETIAS application, you might need to show a lot of official documents but that is not the case of anything else under it. Just your passport will be enough. However, you should check if your passport is at all valid as per the European Union Council rules on the ETIAS. 

The validity of your passport should be positive at the time of your arrival in Europe as well as beyond that. Remember to check whether your passport has the machine-readable section that contains your biographical details. 

  • Wait For Your Application To Process

After you submit your application, you can just wait with folded hands because the different security systems will go through that. If everything goes right, you will get the confirmation within 96 hours. 

Otherwise, even if they get a minor risk, they can cancel it, and you may need to opt for Visa instead. Do not worry, as they will also email you the potential reasons behind the cancellation of your application.This Blog will give you a clear idea about the European Travel and Information System and the upcoming ETIAS process.