Essential Items To Carry Around During A Pandemic

Although we are now becoming increasingly well adapted to the ‘new normal’ that the COVID-19 pandemic has created for us, it is fair to say that we are still living in a world that very few of us would have envisaged ever existing outside the pages of a dystopian novel. All the same, we find ourselves having to adapt in order to keep ourselves, and those around us, safe and well. In this guide we take a look at the four essential items to carry around during a pandemic.

Hand sanitiser

Due to the fact that we are all touching the external environment throughout the day, and in a range of different locations, it is important to ensure that our hands remain free of the virus. It is easy to understand how the virus is spread between people when it is carried between door handles, pens and shopping trolleys on a daily basis. Keeping a good quality, alcohol based hand sanitiser on your person is key to ensuring that you do not spread the virus. Although there was an initial shortage of hand sanitiser at the start of the pandemic, it is now easily available from online stores such as Express Pharmacy Online. Just a small amount at regular intervals during the day will help to keep your hands free of the virus.

Face mask

Wearing a face mask when you are mixing with others indoors is an important control in helping to limit the spread of the virus. Medical grade masks protect you from others and also protect others from contracting the virus from you. This is different to material masks, which only offer one way protection. Medical grade disposable masks are only suited to single use, and this means that any infection that may gather on the mask is thrown away once used. Keeping a supply of face masks in a sealed bag in your person is essential during the pandemic.


Antibacterial wipes – preferably those with some alcohol content – are important to keep with you so that you can wipe down surfaces such as shopping trolleys, chairs and door handles. Having wipes on hand to clean the environment around you will ensure that you protect yourself from the traces of the virus left behind by others, and also ensure that you are not endangering others by spreading the virus yourself. Wipes should be disposed of immediately after use.


From the very start, we have been told that it is important to throw away any tissues that we use rather than keeping them to use a second time. Whereas previously we may have put the tissue up a sleeve, it is now advisable to throw or flush the tissue after use in order to prevent the spread of the virus. This is also something that needs to be taken into consideration if you usually use a material handkerchief. For now, at least, tissues are the safest option, and you should carry a packet with you an essential item.