Essential Elements to Consider for Custom Countertops

Custom countertops are one of the priorities for those who want their self-styled space. No two persons have similar tastes, and to reflect one’s personality, people are opting for custom designs. There is a wide variety of options to install countertops that best matches your mood and personality, and the best fit in your space. Most of the dull and modest kitchens can be turned into luxurious and inviting once the right material and design are chosen for the remodeling. Here are a few of the essential things that you need to consider before going for a kitchen makeover.

1.  Choice of Material for counters:

There are plenty of options available in the market for countertop material. Among the luxurious are the Granite and Marble that gives the traditional elegantaffluent seem to space. A much affordable material includes Laminates and solid surfaces with a wide range of colors and texture that gives the modern, sleek seem. Choose the countertop material according to your essence and budget that best fits in your kitchen’s overall requirement. It’s not easy to remodel the look quickly, so always keep the durability of the counters and creative cabinets your priority because you invest in a lot of money in remodeling your kitchen, and you don’t want it to be flawed soon.

When choosing the material for the bathroom countertop, there is no better choice than Stone; Marble, granite. Its strength and agile characteris added advantage over other materials that do not last long and needs frequent repairs. Surprising colors and textures are readily available that you can install in kids friendly bathroom for a new fun bath.

2.  Choosing the Backsplash:

Once the material is accepted, you need to get the matching backsplash that complements the theme of your kitchen. A regular size of the backsplash is 4 inches, available in tiles. Its size can be altered as per your desired area to be covered. You can go with the more significant sized backsplash that spreads from countertop up to upper cabinets. The best suggestion is to choose backsplash made from the same material as your counters to give a smooth, seamless look that streamlines with Creative Cabinets and Faux Finishes. Custom backsplash with different prints and designs can be bought from stores. The sole purpose backsplash is to protect the kitchen walls from getting spoiled from cooking spills. So choose the backsplash that serves both purposes, matching your theme and protecting the walls.

When choosing the backsplash for the bathroom, the mirror size should be kept in mind. Mostly large-sized mirrors are installed in bathrooms leaving less space for the backsplash. Ceramic tile border, Full-wall backsplash, and matching materials from the countertop are three of the options you can choose from.

3.  Sink Selection: Standard sink are under-mount that is preferred in most kitchens, though top mounts are a better option as they can be replaced and helps protect the edges of the marble and granite countertops from chipping. Options for sink include Stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain, stone, glass, copper, and glass options.

Once the mount option of sink is finalized, you can choose double bowl or single bowl sinks.  The double basin is always the best choice as it allows you to do your washing chores like collecting the water in one bowl and rinsing the vegetable in the other. Single sink gives you a larger area to prep up for cooking for more significant events at home.

Sizes of double sinks can be either set to equal or different sizes. As per the need, the dimensions can be altered and adjusted in-line with the countertops. More than two sections in sinks are also available for larger kitchens.

Individual units in the sink are in options where rinsing, washing, and chopping can be done in a single pan, saving a lot of time in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

When it comes to choosing a sink for the bathroom, you have a vast range of options. There are different colors, types, and styles that are offered. Drains can be coordinated conventionally with Creative Cabinets and Faux Finishes of the bathroom. Self-rimming sinks come in amazing designs that add value to the countertop. Installed over the countertop, they give the most lavish look to the complete plan. It can be DIY installed and replacing the existing one is much easier than regular under-mount sinks

4. Sink Edge Selection:

Rounded edges of the pan look better than the usual sharp corners as it gives a new traditional rustic look to the design and helps you clean the area better. Its gentle curves and sloped sides make the overall look visually stunning and desirable.  You get the best of both worlds when you choose the sink with bottom corners as a rounded and top corner as crisp.

Sinks with Zero radii have a unique appeal and give minimalist aesthetic that matches brilliantly with contemporary kitchen designs. If you opt for a sleek and crisp design, the zero-radius sink is the best alternative. These sinks are, in particular, available in boxed shape with sharply defined corners and flawlessly straight boundaries. The traditional restaurant look can be easily integrated with the kitchen, with the installation of zero radius sinks.

Zero radius sinks are available in self-rimming tubs too in case if you want to maintain the same kitchen theme to the bathroom as well — one of the cons of this sink that it takes a large amount of water to clean. For a person who doesn’t mind extra cleaning, they will surely won’t remember installing this sink in the bathroom.

Surely there are other elements too that need to be considered while customizing the countertops, sinks, and backlash but these correspond to major elements with which other details like faucets, Creative Cabinets and Faux Finishes, drains, lightings can be harmonized. Always do a little research on the market price and pros and cons of the materials considered. The design and theme must be well thought and should be streamlined with all the sections of your house.

Your home is supposed to reflect the personality you have to settle onto the elements of your house wisely and make it look worthwhile.

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