Espresso Vs Americano Coffee

Coffee enthusiasts have a lot to enjoy when it comes to choosing a variety of coffee flavors. Espresso is the mainstay of the whole coffee world, forming a base ingredient to over 20 coffee flavors from across the globe. Even Americano has Espresso as a chief ingredient in it so you cannot have an Americano without having an espresso. Because all coffee flavors or types come from espresso, it is important to have the best office espresso machine so that you make the perfect espresso. Failure to produce excellent tasting espresso will lead to the production of bad tasting coffee flavors.

Production Mechanism of Espresso and Americano

To make an espresso, you first need to ground coffee into a fine powder. Having an automatic coffee grinder will easy the process and enable you to achieve your target so quickly. Espresso machines then force hot water at high pressure through the finely grinded beans. The pressure used to force the water through the coffee particles is normally 9 times the atmospheric pressure. A strong brown or black looking coffee is produced that is bitter to taste. In some machines, stronger espresso is made by passing steam through the roasted and ground coffee beans.

Americano is simple to make once you have the espresso in place. First, you need to have an espresso in place. If you don’t have, make sure you make the espresso yourself. Once you have it, prepare hot water and ensure you have the right quantity that will bring the quantity you want. Pour about 3oz of hot water into a mug. After that, make sure you add your espresso shot and you will ready to enjoy the drink. The core aim is to achieve the coffee strength that feels comfortable on your tongue. Some people add up to 8 oz to ensure they don’t feel the bitter taste of the concentrated espresso coffee.

Strength of the Coffee Varieties

Espresso coffee is normally strong and dark because of the low volume fluid added to it. It normally has a roasted scent that makes it feel so original. Espresso is a bitter coffee that is not friendly to those who are not used to the drink. The espresso made from passing pressurized steam is normally the strongest and you will need to dilute it to drink if you are not used to strong coffee varieties.

An Americano is not usually strong because it is made by adding hot water into the cup of espresso. On estimation, a shot of espresso normally contains 47 to 75 milligrams of caffeine content. In an Americano coffee, only two or one shot of espresso is used. As a result, the caffeine content is normally between 94 milligrams to 150 milligrams. When you continue adding water, you not only reduce concentration but also diminish the scent of the coffee. When espresso is made from steam, you will need a lot of dilution to achieve your desired strength and coffee. Due to the low concentration of Americano coffee, it is served as drip coffee or pour-over coffee with other foods.



By having the best office espresso machine, making good coffee becomes very easy. Setting water at perfect temperatures and pressures is the key to achieving some excellent tasting coffee. Once you make a mistake in espresso, you end up ruining the other coffee types that you will make after that. Other coffee lovers can only the espresso and not Americano because of the high strength of espresso. Americanos are always easier to customize because of their weak taste. You just need to add some small flavor and you change the coffee flavor to the flavor of your liking.


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