Enhance the light for your terrace and indoor plants and flowers in summer with glass railing

Glass railings have become increasingly popular as they offer uninhibited views for the owners of apartments and houses. Besides offering residents the ability to enjoy the outdoors even more from their balconies and decks, they also protect from cold winds and, most importantly, let the sunshine in. This is vital for plants on darker corners of balconies and they even let in more light into the interior of homes, perfect for indoor plants.

Why do plants and flowers need enough light to flourish in summer?

Besides needing water to flourish, plants have one more important requirement – sunlight. Even though not all plants require the same amount of sunlight, they need it to make food. This food is stored in their leaves as energy.

Known as photosynthesis, plants use sunlight to convert water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into food for their growth. Also, these are essential for the humans and animals who eat them. The process of photosynthesis also offers us precious oxygen, generously released from the plants in exchange for the carbon dioxide that they need.

Plants in gardens, decks, and balconies need to be planted in areas that accommodate their sunlight needs. For example, ferns need far less light than roses and gardenias, but dandelions need lots of it. Other plants that thrive in direct sunlight are geraniums, hibiscus, rosemary, lavender, and marigolds. These can be planted where they will have more sunlight and those that need less can be potted a bit further back on the deck or balcony.

How glass railing increases light energy and enhances the green scenery?

Plant lovers who want lush balconies or decks may have always had a problem with getting more sunshine onto these areas because of the type of railing that they have. Glass railings now offer the perfect solution to this problem as they allow the full beams of the sun to reach herbs, vegetables, annuals and other plants in these areas. Contact today and find out how glass railing can be customized for use on balconies, decks, and staircases, creating unique, minimalistic designs for more spacious living and workspaces.

Glass railings protect plants against the wind

Slatted railings may often inhibit sunlight, but they don’t protect plants from the wind. Plants are vulnerable to both cold and hot wind and a railing made of glass is ideal for protecting plants on gusty days.

Frameless railing with tempered glass

Frameless glass railings have many advantages that other types of balcony and patio railings don’t offer. These include both easy maintenance and cleaning.

How to keep glass railings clean?

Unlike other railing materials, glass does not need to be repainted, does not tarnish, nor will it corrode or fade from the elements or by cleaning it. Glass also cleans and for those with children even drawings made with crayons and markers are not a problem to remove.

Even though it may need cleaning a bit more often than other railings, it is far easier to clean because most cleaning agents can be used on it. There are also several types of window cleaning tools and solutions available to make the task at hand easy.

  1. Spray bottle attachment for hose pipes to which you can add the window cleaning solution of your choice. The glass is first sprayed with the solution and then rinsed clean.
  2. Windshield cleaners often include rain repellent and are an excellent product that helps to keep the glass clean for longer.
  3. Vinegar based cleaners are the ideal solution for those that want to avoid chemical use, but should not be used on any steel components of the railings.
  4. Acetone -based cleaners can be used to clean glass tough stains on the glass, like permanent markers.

Remember: Razor blades should not be used to clean glass railings. Even though the tempered glass is strong, the razor blade can cause scratches to the surface. These will then attract grime that is not easy to clean.

Are there areas where using glass railing is not recommended?

Glass railings are versatile and can be used almost everywhere because they are made from tempered glass. However, they are not indestructible and there may be some areas where their use might not always be practical:

  • Areas with heavy-duty traffic that could cause the glass to be bumped by objects that have sharp corners or are heavy. Heavy objects on balconies should be secured so that they don’t accidentally get pushed onto the glass. Even heavy pot plants can sometimes be blown over on a windy day. 
  • Areas with extreme heat may not be suitable for full glass panels because they trap the heat, in making the deck area even hotter. A solution may be the use of glass balusters that don’t trap the heat or prevent a breeze from entering the area.

Other considerations: 

  1. People who live in areas with high environmental pollution will have to clean the glass far more often because the soot makes the dirt more visible.
  2. Country homes, especially those that are elevated, may have a problem with birds flying into the glass railing. People often mount a fake predatory bird (owl, hawk or eagle) where it is visible to other birds, but after a while, the birds tend to ignore the fake bird. Another solution is to place furniture and plants close to the railing makes it clear to birds that they cannot fly through the glass. Finally, decals can be placed strategically on the glass, making it more visible to birds.

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