Energizing between feedings

Breastfeeding is a natural activity, but it may not come naturally to most women. It can not only then lead to frustration, but guilt as well.

However, it is not like things are fine and dandy with women who are breastfeeding. It is admittedly hard on the body, especially initially, when you and the baby are still learning the ropes. Hard breasts, sore and cracked nipples are just some of the after-effects of breastfeeding.

It is also very challenging on the rest of the body as well. Common complaints include neck and backache. Moreover, it also makes time management difficult as well. Since mother’s milk is easily digested, baby needs frequent feedings.

The constant demand by the baby can make not only make time and life management hard but can also cause lead to insufficient rest. Those suffering from post-partum depression may find it extra hard. If your PPD is making you hard to function, you must talk to the Best Gynecologist in Karachi.

Energizing between the feeds

Gone are the days when you had big chunks of free time. As you a new mother, you have to make do with snippets of the down time that you get between each feed. You might feel bulldozed due to the demands of the baby, but you can take steps to energize yourself between the snippets and become more proficient.

Some things to try between feeds are:

Eat a snack

Most mothers do not have the luxury of cooked meals, and they do not have sufficient time to cook the meals. Rather than planning extravagant meals for which you simply do not have time, view food as a source of fuel.

An effective way to get sufficient calories in is by snacking. Opt for foods that are nutritious, as you not only have to get energy for your body, but your body also needs nutrients to make the milk.

Fruit can serve as an excellent snack. Similarly, vegetables are also quick to chop and offer nutrients without empty calories. You can also make a quick omelet; proteins are excellent for satiety. Eggs also have vital nutrients required by the body.

Adding cheese, vegetables and having bread on the side can even make the omelet a full meal, that is ready in mere 10 minutes.

Another tip for quick snacking is making extra dinner the day before, so you can have a quick bite to eat by heating the leftovers.


Never underestimate the power of relaxation. It is not just invigorating, but essential for the sake of sanity of the new mothers. After toiling so hard with the baby, you deserve to have time to yourself.

During your ‘me’ time, you must ignore the practical affairs, and be selfish about your happiness. Do whatever makes you happy; pick up the book you like, listen to the podcast you want, do a Facetime call with your friends, make yourself a good cup of hot chocolate; be happy!


Sleep with the baby, even if its few minutes of bliss. Imagine that you have back-to-back exams, and you just have minutes to catch up on the sleep.

So, when the baby sleeps, you doze off too. You need to condition yourself to sleep at small cues. Moreover, you also need to turn off your brain when it makes your worry about all the chores yet to be done.

Unless you get your fuel, you will not have energy to take good care of your baby, or yourself for that matter.

Furthermore, lack of sleep has implications for your health. It increases your risk of diseases and jeopardizes your mental health. It also reduces your milk supply as well. So, be sure nap with the baby.

If you are suffering from sleep problems due to hormonal problems or post-partum depression, you must consult the Best Gynecologist in Islamabad for help.