Elite Medical Center—The Best Healthcare Services Next-door

Elite Medical Center is one of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates’ leading prestigious urban health centers with only one goal: To provide value-added services to their patients. Needless to say, they are the best medical center and have a highly trained and efficient team of multidisciplinary health personnel who are not only genuinely interested in addressing and meeting the ever-growing needs of patients but are also abreast of the latest healthcare services, policies, and technology. At Elite Medical Center, excellence is their watchword. That’s why they are also known for their excellent clinical skills.

Their services

Because every health problem needs the attention of health specialists, not just one or any health worker, every staff in the hospital is a member of the team and a team player when it comes to addressing patients’ critical needs. They deliver services ranging from internal medicine to dermatology, hijama therapy, physiotherapy, and even dentistry. Looking for a reliable dentist clinic in Sharjah? Look no more! This medical center also offers an all-inclusive dental service which includes dental filling, oral surgery, dental extraction, roots canals, periodontal treatments, dental cleaning, and more.

Furthermore, the Elite Medical Center also conducts hijama therapy, also known as cupping therapy. The hijama therapy, started early by the Chinese and Egyptians and adopted by the Arabians is used to ease pain. How? Primarily, cups are placed on different parts of the body to create suction. This suction increases blood flow to the area, thereby relieving you of pain and muscle tension.

Affordable fees for quality health services

Considering the state-of-the-art facility at this medical center, the services offered are affordable but not cheap. They understand that getting top-notch healthcare services is expensive in these current times. And because they are committed to seeing their customers happy and well, they have made their services affordable by reducing the cost of the quality health services they provide.

Why choose Elite Medical Center?

Experience:  Their professional experience spans over a decade. This highly efficient and trained team of health personnel has handled some of the toughest medical cases in their specialty. Your medical condition may just be a walk in the park at the Elite Medical Center. 

Easy access to care: At Elite Medical Center, it is very easy to schedule an appointment with a doctor. This will save you all the hassles of making medical appointments and the frustrations that follow. Also, their expert team of doctors is quick to lend an empathetic ear, providing follow-up care of patients and closely monitoring them.

Medical ethics are essential: They respect the privacy of their patients. They always seek the consent of their patients before lifting even a pin. And, besides the fact that they have always remained honest in all patient-to-doctor interactions, they have never discriminated against their patients on whatsoever basis. The bottom line is in the course of treating their patients; they always stay on the ethical path. This is not something you find everywhere.

State-of-the-art facilities: Their philosophy is to deliver top-notch healthcare to their patients. That explains why they have incorporated the latest medical equipment inpatient treatment and even in their dentist clinic in Sharjah, which has shown to have positive impacts on their day-to-day customers over the years. In summary, their health facilities meet global standards and are second to none in Sharjah!

Where they are located

They are easy to find. You can find them at Villa 49, Al Meena Street, Al Khaledia Sharjah. As an alternative, you can email them at [email protected] as they are always eager to hear from potential customers and customers alike. 


Elite Medical Center is one of the best medical centers you can find around. As stated earlier, their state-of-the-art facilities are on par with global standards and more than enough to improve patient outcomes. What’s more? Their excellent customer service ensures customers’ health always comes first! This is because they are genuinely committed to delivering top-notch healthcare services. Want to schedule an appointment with a doctor today?

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