Effective Weight Loss Method by The Innovative Japanese People

Japanese people do wonders.

With their natural plants and herbs, they can cure every disease.

At least, this is how the Japanese culture was presented to us.

Going further and exploring what they do, how they achieve things, I found interesting things.

I’m a huge fan of their methods.

Sometimes you can’t explain how old people fix things.

A few herbs, a little bit of the magic potion cooked in their kitchen and that’s it.

If you ask for a recipe, they will give it to you.

The worst part is that all those herbs are difficult to find everywhere in the world.

This time, I found something else.

A method you can all try at home.

You just need a few items and 5 minutes.

That’s it.

It’s said that this method will help you in your weight loss battle.

So, what do you need?

  •      Large cloth
  •      Healthier strap
  •      Horizontal surface
  •      5 minutes a day

You are ready to do the towel roll.

OMG, what’s a towel roll?

Let me explain.

  •      Grab a towel (40cm long and 10cm thick). Make sure the towel can’t unravel easily.
  •      Roll it
  •      Lie on the horizontal surface (floor or table). Position your body and make sure the towel falls to the spine. Position it right below the navel.
  •      Your feet need to be in the width of your shoulders. The thumbs need to be touching and the width between both heels should be 25 cm distance.
  •      Be careful.

During this exercise, your joints and bones are slightly twisted.

You will fail to hold on to 5 minutes a couple of times.

Don’t worry. You’ll get there.

It’s believed that this method will help you lose the extra weight.

Are you a fan of the Japanese culture?

Go ahead and try this and tell us how it went.

I think this is best done in a company.

If we share the same opinion, you need to let your friends know about this.

Source: Explore Healthy Food

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