Effective Styling Tips For Petite Women

We believe that you are what you wear, and there is no such thing as the wrong clothes. You just have to find a style that complements the best part of your figure, for there is no wrong body type. Be it tall or short, the right style can make any woman look like an absolute diva, which is why we’ve dedicated this post for women with a petite figure. So whether you’re looking for styling saree for short girls or long dresses, we’ve got every style trick in the book for you to help you look your absolute best!

Invest In Flares

Flares have blessedly made a glorious comeback from the 70s, and we couldn’t have been happier about it! These retro jeans have a dedicated spot in the modern fashion world, and fit absolutely snugly when it comes to styling petite girls. Flared jeans give the illusion of having long legs, and can be your go-to choice when you can’t really make a decision about what to wear (yet still want to look stylish). Girls with short height can opt for a high-waisted pair in which the flare starts right at the knee. Pair it with a crop top and some high heels and you’ve got a classic look ready for you.

Opt For Slits

Slits in your dresses are not just incredibly sexy, but they can prove to be an efficient styling option if you’re worried about your petite height. This rule particularly holds true if you’re wearing maxi dresses, since they tend to have a swamping effect on girls with shorter heights, especially if they come with long sleeves. So whether you’re going for maxi dresses or long skirts, having a side split will have the effect of counteracting the frumpy, blocky feel that such dresses tend to create.

Proportionate Well

The key to owning any style is to give due attention to proportioning your pieces of clothing. As a general rule, do not pair a loose pair of bottoms with yet another loose top, as the entire effect can serve to make you look shorter than you actually are. Get smart with pairing and opt for smart pieces that tuck at the waist that give your figure its due credits while giving you a more grown-up vibe. Anything that is high-waisted is your best friend, and the same rule applies to wearing saree for short ladies. In addition to this, invest with abandon on blazers and structured skirts, since they will add to your chic vibe.

Skirts Are Your Best Friend

The best part about being a petite woman is that you can style short skirts without looking like you’re showing off too much skin. In addition to this, maxis and midis will only make you look shorter, so skirts that sit above your knees are really your best friend in the segment. You get extra cherry on top if you choose styles that allow you a lot more room for movement (skater and flared skirts will go best). Not only will this elongate your legs, but it will also give your overall style a touch of effortless chic that you would love to flaunt!

Avoid Chunky Shoes

If you’re not too much of a fan of wearing skirts above the knee, then you really don’t have to invest in them. We believe that you look your best in clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in, and comfort trumps everything when it comes to looking your confident best in everything. However, as a quick style tip, we suggest that you absolutely not pair your midis and maxis with chunky shoes, as those will drive attention to the feet. And why do that when there is so much good going on at so many places. So invest instead on heels that have ankle straps, and if heels aren’t your think, then investing in a pair of simple court shoes will be just as best!

So whether you’re wondering the best way to style saree for short height girls or are just plain confused about how to make your wardrobe stand out, our styling tips are always here to help you on your way. So jot these down and look your fabulous best!

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