Eat Easy With Stain Resistant Tablecloths

The kitchen is oft-considered the heart of a home, which says a lot about our relationship with food and communal eating. Our dining tables then become central focal points of our homes. They command much attention when it comes to design and decor; a well-presented dining table can say a lot about you and your tastes.

But how best to display this essential piece of furniture? Do we leave it bare, displaying our wooden investments to friends and family alike? Or do we protect it with a stylish tablecloth?

Let’s explore.

To Table Cloth Or Not to Tablecloth

If you’ve spent a good deal of money on a polished wood table, the temptation is to let it be seen. A good dining table can be a serious investment in your home. Why hide it? Bare, polished wood is such an attractive, neutral look that goes well with just about everything.

But if you leave that wood bare all the time, you’re introducing it to a world of scratches, marks, burns, and possibly expensive repairs. Bare wood at dinner time is exposed to:

  • Scratches from jewellery and watches.
  • Damaging the finish by placing hot items directly on the wood.
  • Off-gassing from plastics in placemats that can have reactions with the wood finish.
  • Stains from spillages.

Whenever it comes time to set the table for a meal, be it with family or entertaining guests, you should seriously consider setting down a good tablecloth. You can take it off after and go back to displaying your nice wooden table, but when it’s in use, keep it protected.

Choosing the Right Tablecloth

Manchester Collection has a range of tablecloths to suit your needs.

Our Olsen range of tablecloths are made of easy to clean, stain-resistant linen. They feature a neutral, minimalistic style intended to complement whatever theme your dining room features. Even if you update your decor in the near future, our tablecloths will last with you for many years.

With constant use, durability is a major concern. That’s where linen fabric comes in. Derived from the flax plant, linen fibers are incredibly tough and will last repeated use and washes. They’re also machine washable, making them easy to care for.

For a different look and feel, you can also try our Langham tablecloths. These feature a contemporary design that can bring out a little more detail in your styling.

Whichever style you choose, you’re getting a durable, long-lasting tablecloth that will complement your decor and protect your investment.

Complement Your Tablecloth with Homewares

Placing a tablecloth over your table gives you greater freedom to use the space as a display without damaging the wood. Manchester Collection has a stylish range of homewares sure to bring life and class to your dining setting.

Consider paring a white Olsen tablecloth with this bold marble tray. The off-white linen tablecloth provides the perfect neutral background for the speckled black marble with silver handles.

Or perhaps use the mushroom Olsen tablecloth to create a darker neutral base for one of our ceramic bowls. Load the bowl up with fruit for a perfect one-two combination of style and functionality.

When it comes to serving food and drink at the table, you’ll need coasters to go with your placemats. No matter how careful you are drinking, there’s always liquid and condensation that makes it to the bottom of a glass. These simple white ceramic and wood coasters are the perfect neutral option to complement any style.

You can also bring in luxurious scents with our range of candleholders, perfect for establishing a unique scent signature to your home. Smell is closely linked with the creation of memories; leave a lasting impression of your home with carefully curated fragrances.

Manchester Collection — Everything You Need To Protect Your Table

Display your polished wooden table with pride. You’ve paid enough for it; you’ve earned it. But when it comes time to using the table, keep it safe. The more you protect it from damage, the longer it will serve in its pride of place in your home. Check out our range of tablecloths today, and bring your settings alive with our luxury range of homewares.

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