Easily Do A French Mani In 19 Fresh And Exiting Ways

Stop. You don’t have to go and pay expensive manicure treatments. It’s time for you to spend that money elsewhere. The manicure is something you can do at your home.

Plus, it’s fun. You can do it with your friends or daughters. Being an example for your kids and making them learn how they need to appreciate every dollar is something every parent wants.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you need to be one of those “cheap” people. I’m just asking why spending so much money on an expensive stuff when you can do the same thing (and better) home?

If you think that I’m totally right, you need to scroll down. You will find 19 fresh and exciting ways of doing your manicure at home. The best thing is that you can change the way you “wear” the new nail style every second day without paying tons of dollars.

Let me hear you say that I’m wrong.

But first, check these amazing new ideas.

1. Wavy French

Wavy French

Tutorial via chalkboardnails.com

2. Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails

Tutorial via glamour.com

3. Neon Polka dot French Manicure

Neon Polka dot French Manicure

Tutorial via nailartsdesign.com

4. Ombre Spring French Mani

Ombre Spring French Mani

Tutorial via lezoemusings.com

5. The Sideways French Manicure

The Sideways French Manicure

Tutorial via shefinds.com

6. Deep Chic V French Nails


Tutorial via wishtrend.com

7. French Tip Trick Nails

French Tip Trick Nails

Tutorial via nailnerd.com

8. Miu Miu Glitter Mani

miu miu

Tutorial via onceoverlightly.com

9. Deep French Nails

Gold black and nude nails 1

Tutorial via itsbecauseithinktoomuch.com

10. The NEW French Manicure

The NEW French Manicure

Tutorial via popcosmo.com

11. Simple Double Funky French Nail

Simple Double Funky French Nail

Tutorial via trends-style.com

12. The Gold Leaf Nail


Tutorial via thebeautydepartment.com

13. Matte French Mani

matte french

Tutorial via beautylish.com

14. Glitter Dots and Gold Tips

Glitter Dots and Gold Tips

Tutorial via petitepeinture.com

15. Angled French Nails


Tutorial via blog.lulus.com

16. Multi-Colored Pastel French Tips

Multi-Colored Pastel French Tips

Tutorial via fabfatale.com

17. Pink with Glitter Reverse French Nails

Pink with Glitter Reverse French Nails

Tutorial via missnattysbeautydiary.com

18. Grungy French Manicure

grungy french manicure

Tutorial via lovevarnish.com

19. Upgraded French Manicure

Upgraded French Manicure

Tutorial via sonailicious.com

See? – I told you so.

Now it’s your turn. Don’t forget to share these amazing ideas with your friends. They would love to join you!

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