Drive Some More Traffic Towards Fashion Site Using Instagram At Its Best

Instagram is so much fun for sharing videos and photos, covering some special parts of your life. Not just for individual use, but Instagram is a perfect tool for businesses as well. There are some ways in which you can drive traffic towards your brand and Instagram plays a pivotal role for that. Social media site is always here to successfully drive some huge traffic to websites for growing businesses. If you are into fashion industry, you can easily use the help of Instagram to get the end number of followers you have wanted, and then head for the business growth. The fashion industry is up with such a huge deal of competition. Therefore, working your ways for the best competitive approach is by having Instagram as your platform to showcase your design.

You can show the designs you have created and some of the pieces, which might be up for sale. On the other hand, you can further look for the engagement posts, which will let more and more followers come to learn of your fashion world and contribute their parts by purchasing from your stores. Remember that you can buy real Instagram likes if you want, but that does not mean that every follower in your IG list will be able to follow every possible post you are dealing with. You need to know the right posting time and your audience base well before finalizing on the posts to work out on.

Instagram is very important and learn why:

There are some factors available which will clearly show that you have to make use of Instagram for your business. Not just for those who are associated with fashion, but this service is dedicated to all.

  • The first factor got to be the name, followed by the username you are about to create. These are some of the major elements of bio to cover. Instagram always look at the username you have created in search queries for ensuring that the name and username can gladly represent business or brand.
  • Then, you have to focus on the bio description, along with the profile picture you have created for the lot. The description and even the profile need to be appealing. It should be able to demonstrate the brand rather personally in this regard. This happens to be the major impression for you to connect with people.
  • Another major factor for the IG platform to consider is to ensure that you have a website with an URL link in the bio section. This is just one place on Instagram where you can always take help of active hyperlink in here.

If you are using Instagram for business purposes, make sure to keep it open for the public to see. Don’t work on the private mode in here as that won’t help you big time. If you are working with the fashion world, you want more and more people to know about it. As your business deals with such options, it is mandatory that you get along with the photos and videos by posting them on Instagram and let the world see to it. For that, keeping the profile public is always what you need to address now.

Ways you can generate traffic on Instagram:

You have been into fashion industry for a long time but did not get the exact traffic you have wanted. It is because you have never used Instagram right at its full potential. There are some steps available to follow, which will help you to use Instagram at its full potential and drive some more traffic towards your website.

  • You have planned to use a link in your bio, but make sure to use it effectively. Just pasting a link won’t do. This link is mainly used for sending the IG followers to the ideal location, suitable for your business. It can be the home page of your official website, blog page or even the page where the products are displayed. For tracking down the clicks properly you can try using custom links. Make sure to direct people to such link in bio to drive traffic more. Sometimes, you can use CTA in post captions to invite people to click on bio link and get them where they want.
  • Sometimes, you are asked to use appealing images. Make sure to use IG as the connectivity point to ensure that images are always of top quality. The products or fashion items should be in an atmosphere and not quite as standalone items. For that, you are asked to use tools and filters for enhancing images to blend perfectly with IG. Make sure to use images for showcasing the business you are running. It can be anything from tips and advices, BTS footage and more.
  • If you are into Instagram, you should know the importance of hash tags. The easy way for you to generate exposure and end up getting more engagement is mainly to use hash tags on IG. Depending on the business you are in, make sure to choose the hash tags which are relevant ones. Even though you have the liberty to use around 30 hash tags in one post, you should not use more than 5 to 10 hash tags per post. It is perfect for gaining the growth you want. You can further mix multiple hash tags and some of the less popular ones too, if you need to.
  • Remember to use exclusive content. You have to be sure that offers and images you plan to showcase on IG are not always the same that you plan to promote on any other social media platforms or networks. If you post the same pictures, then why would people follow you on Instagram separately? Make sure to share videos and images, which only followers get to see on Instagram. Add some promotions and discounts exclusively for Instagram.

Make sure to follow the links well and everything will start to fall right into the places as asked for.

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