The Dreame brand of vacuum cleaners is known for its elite hand-held vacuum cleaners with the most powerful turbo suction and autonomous operation up to 90 minutes. The company has now shifted its focus to robotic vacuum cleaners and released the first self-contained vacuum cleaner, Dreame F9.

First of all, the price attracts itself. The Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a very low price for a branded cleaning robot – vacuum cleaner.

Compact form factor

The diameter of the Dreame F9 robot is only 8 cm – which is more compact than the vast majority of models with its good cross-country ability of the wheelbase, the robot easily climbs onto the edges of carpets and overcomes low interior sills. A shock-absorbing bumper is also placed around the body. Instead of a lidar tower, a wide-format video camera is placed on the top cover.  The robot quite clearly understands its dimensions and does not get stuck under the cabinets and beds.

The vacuum cleaner holds 2 large containers – 600ml for collecting dust and debris with a compact air filter and a semicircular 200 ml water container. A durable microfiber cloth with a ribbed surface is attached to the bottom of the water container with a Velcro strap for cleaning the floor.

Two brushes – a standard wide brush that sweeps dust and debris into the air inlet of the vacuum cleaner and a side brush with long bristles that sweeps over corners and hard-to-reach areas.

There are no complaints about the cross-country ability and dimensions, the volume of containers.


The absence of a control turret is, of course, a plus. Despite the 14 declared sensors, in terms of orientation, the Dreame F9 robot is still junior to the best models of robotic vacuum cleaners (although they cost 2-4 times more). Gyroscopes and surface sensors work great. The robot can take care of its safety and does not fall from stairs, openings, and balconies. Built-in lidars and a camera allow you to create a map of the room and help the robot “see” walls and large obstacles. But the robot finds the legs of furniture, tables and chairs empirically – tapping with a bumper. It is good that the bumper is on shock absorbers, the speed of movement of the robot is low and the stress on obstacles is considered a structurally acceptable research method for a robot vacuum cleaner. It’s hard to believe, but it should be so.

In orientation, you can put a solid four and even with a plus – for good behavior and cleanliness under the cabinets. A pleasant fact – the height of the legs of standard kitchen cabinets is 11 cm, the height of the vacuum cleaner robot is only 8. The robot, without the slightest doubt, goes to clean under the cabinets. It is impossible to clean in such narrow and deep spaces with an ordinary vacuum cleaner or mop.

Cleaning management

Management of the system is carried out via a smartphone. The Dreame F9 robot vacuum cleaner has its application for its smart home system. There are only 2 physical buttons on the top cover, turning on and returning to the base. All other control functions are conducted out only via a smartphone.

The possibilities of the Dreame F9 are quite wide – 4 suction modes and a wet cleaning mode. You can switch the suction power in the process or immediately set the desired mode. In preventive cleaning mode, the Dreame F9 does not clean too hard. The 2nd mode is the optimal standard for cleaning. If there are carpets, you can set the 3rd mode. In the fourth mode, the most powerful, the waste container fills up very quickly and needs to be shaken out.

The vacuum cleaner shows a map of the area and indicates its location. You can immediately track the condition of the filters, the fullness of the container.

Installation of virtual walls and closed areas present convenient function. In general, the robot is well controlled and copes with the duties. According to observations, the robot cleans better if it is not disturbed.

There is a cleaning schedule function. Set a convenient time, and the robot sets off on its route at the appointed day and hour.

Wet cleaning

Fill and install the container with water, fasten the rag and select the wet cleaning mode via the app. In this case, it is advisable to install “restricted zones” on carpets. The robot will gently wipe off fine dust that may have remained after dry cleaning. When finished, remove the container and rinse the cloth with running water and a mild detergent.


The 5200mAh battery allows the robot to clean floors for up to 1 hour in Eco Mode. When the charge runs out, the robot goes to the charging station, recharges itself and continues cleaning. Through the smart home system, you can remotely control the operation of the vacuum cleaner, add tasks or set restricted areas.

Caring for the Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Any of the said technique needs attention and care. In this case, leaving is minimal. Clean and rinse the air filter. You need to shake out the container with filled garbage for 20-30 seconds.  The container should be regularly cleaned for every 2-4 days. Initially, the container will fill up faster after the first cleaning. If there are animals in the house, it is advisable to shake out and clean the container daily. This includes a filter brush and a compact hair and thread cutter. Also, monitor the condition of the brushes, and cut off the threads and hair. You can rinse the brushes once a week with cold water.


The Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the most affordable automatic vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function. This is a new generation of automatic home vacuum cleaners. What seemed exotic a couple of years ago are now available to everyone. If you thought the robot vacuum cleaner was too expensive, the Dreame F9 is a great reason to change your mind. Washing an automatic vacuum cleaner significantly saves time for cleaning and cleaning. The robot will make its way to the farthest corners and clean out the dust deposits under the cabinets. After just a week of use, you will notice that your home is cleaner. It becomes easier to breathe – the robot does not cheat and does not sweep the dust under the rug, it always does its job by the program.

We recommend taking a closer look at the new model. Perhaps the Dreame F9 is your first robot vacuum cleaner.

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