Download MetaTrader 4 indicator

Forex trading indicators are well-known for generating massive profits, but it is confusing to find the proven trading indicators. If you find the one, then the next problem is with their downloading.

So please do not go for any trading indictor without going through this article because I have spent nights searching the proven free MetaTrader 4 indicators download links.

What is forex Trading indicator:

It is laborious to make a position for newbies in the challenging trading market because they do not have any insights into the market strategies and working. Only experts can sense the perfect time for trading.

These Forex indicators display the trading data in charts and graphs. This data is based on the market histories, recent market trends, and future trading interests. The displayed data is easy to understand and assists in deciding whether to purchase a product or sell it.

Types of MT4 indicators:

We have three basic types of MT4 indicators which we use for trading. These indicators provide useful statistics to understand current market trends and predict the time of profit. You can download MT4 indicators for free.

These are as follows:

  • Trend indicators
  • Forex volume indicators
  • Trends oscillators

Trend indicators:

As the name shows, the trend indicator indicates the market trends. It might sound deceptively simple, but the information it provides is extremely valuable. To trade a specific product, you should have concerned about whether the market is interested in buying it or not.

Forex volume indicators:

Forex volume indicators put on view the volumes of specific product’s trading. It shows the number of sales and purchases of that product. It is vital to set a product for trading, especially for newbies.

Forex oscillators:

Forex oscillator provides the data that facilitates you to choose the product’s good buying time or selling time. It provides charts that show the pricing of a specific product in the market. For instance, if the price is low, it’s high time to purchase that product.

Install MT4 indicators for free:

It is not hard to download metatrader 4 indicators for free in your app, follow these simple steps and you are ready to go.

  • The first step is to make a separate new folder on your computer or phone.
  • Then go to the website of the indicator of your choice and install it.
  • If the installed file is in Zip or RAR form, unpack it and copy the files to the separate folder you have created.
  • Now copy these files from the folder to your MT4 app.
  • For this, the MT4 app has its own indicators folder where you can place the files.
  • Close the app and reopen it to see if the indicator is working.

If you follow the steps correctly, the indicator will surely work.

Here are the platforms from where you can install the MT4 indicators for free:

Automatic trend line indicator:

An automatic trend line indicator is best for newbies. It presents data in an understandable form and provides deep insights into market trends.

Trend magic indicator:

The trend magic indicator is simple to use. Purchase the product when the trend line is blue and sell it when it shows the red trend line.

ADX indicator:

ADX indicator is effective in forex trading. It displays the histogram that changes color to green when it’s time to purchase.

RSI indicator:

The relative strength index runs between 0 to 100. It displays the graph based on the market’s prices of stocks and assets.

  • If the index is below 30, it is time to enter a long position or purchase.
  • If the index is above 70, you should exit the long position and sell the product.

Best RSI settings for 1-hour chart:

The best RSI setting for 1 hour chart is 14. Experts go for these figures as day traders. RSI 14 means your indicator will consider the last 14 candles to predict the next move.

It is not advisable to make your RSI indicator more sensitive as some people do not like this strategy and set their RSI timeframe to 6 to 8.


If you are a forex trader, then you should concern about the market strategies and trends. I provided you with the best free MT4 indicators download links in this article. These indicators facilitate you to make informed decisions that will surely result in high profit.

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