Dog Grooming Guide For First-Time Fur Parents

Grooming dogs is a challenging yet rewarding moment for first-time fur parents. Much of the time, patience is tested and even the most experienced pet groomers can attest to that. Nonetheless, whether it be done by the fur parent or a pet groomer, dog grooming is a crucial event of a dog’s life. Hence, it should be dealt with properly as it can either give a good or bad effect on your dog for a short or long period of time.  

To ease the pressure as a first-time fur parent, below is a quick dog grooming guide to help you.  

  1. Preparing Dogs for as Early as 4-5 months

Some fur parents wait until 6 months before grooming their pups. However, even as early as 4-5 months (16-20 weeks), pups can already undergo their first grooming session. When preparing dogs for grooming, it is better that as early as 4-5 months, they are already used to the grooming process. It will also be much easier the next time around, depending on the pup’s experience. 

  1. Finding a Reputable Dog Groomer 

Like what was mentioned above, a grooming session is an important event of a dog’s life. Therefore, it should not be taken lightly. With the help of a reputable dog groomer, who is professional and experienced, you can make sure that your dog’s grooming session will be a success. Finding local dog groomers is also helpful and cost-effective. Find groomers near your location, for it will be much easier to bring your dog if that’s the case.

     2.1 When Letting a Groomer Beautify Your Fur Baby 

Be reminded that a pet groomer is different from a veterinarian. This means that you should be clear when instructing the groomers of how you want your dog to be groomed instead of asking for medical advice. However, they know very well the right tools, shampoo, conditioner and other equipment to be used, so it is also good to ask them about such things. 

  1. Building Trust and Being Friendly When Grooming 

Handling the dogs well during a grooming session is everything. Without the skill, you cannot go through the process. Before anything else, trust should be built between the fur parent and the fur baby. Trust is important when talking about dogs. Therefore, a fur parent should not break it easily by letting bad experiences while grooming. 

You also have to be friendly and jolly during the session. Tickling their paws, neck, ears and some areas that will be groomed will be a great help to make the grooming process much easier. 

  1. Staying With Your Dog for a Few Minutes 

When letting a groomer beautify your fur baby, it is important to stay for a while before the grooming session. It would ease the dog’s tension, especially if it is his or her first time. It can also help build their trust if you converse and bond with the groomer for a few minutes. 

  1. When Grooming Your Own 

Before grooming your dog, it is important to make them feel comfortable with being touched. It is important to remember not to take things in a rush. You can start by making them feel comfortable with being touched in the areas that are groomed, like their paws and limbs. 

Afterward, start brushing their fur. Giving them treats can also be a big help to make them feel comfortable. From a short brushing stroke, you can try to make it longer. Repeat it until they get used to it. Only then you can start grooming them. Local groomers usually start by bathing the fur babies then brushing their hair. Trimming of nails and cleaning their ears follow. 

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