Dog, Cat, Other? Choosing the Right Furbaby for Your Family

Your family’s about to get a lot bigger, a lot fluffier, and a lot more fun. Choosing your family’s first furbaby can be a delicate decision to get the right fit.

It’s important to get a pet that matches your family’s lifestyle. A mixture of energies can be disastrous. There are already 6.5 million companion animals entering shelters each year; getting it right the first time is dire.

These are the things you should consider before choosing between a dog, a cat, or one of the many other furbabies.

A New Dog in Da’ House

Dogs are loyal and loving. A new puppy will grow organically into your family, and they’ll love you unconditionally. They didn’t get their title, Man’s Bestfriend, for nothing.

A dog is the type of animal that’ll sit at the door and wait for you to get back from getting the mail. They even have the ability to sense a mood-change and will tend to comfort their human companions.

They love to play and they love attention. Taking them to the park is, in their eyes, the best thing in the world. A day to run, catch frisbees, and to bask in the sun with their pack.

Dogs crave affection and have near-limitless energy. This makes for a rowdy pet and a lot of responsibility.

If it’s just you and your significant other, and you both work all day, a dog might not be the best fit.

A lot of variabilities are within the breed of the dog itself. Some dogs are more energetic than others, some have more anxiety, and some might be too big. Bosten terriers are a good mixture of all three, check ’em out at

If you’re concerned about aggressive breeds, don’t be. Dogs are products of how they were raised.

Feline Fantastic

Cats have a certain mystique to them. They’re mysteriously good pets.

Feline furbabies can have just as much energy and love in them as dogs would. However, they express it differently and in a more deliberate fashion.

Cats are for families that are more laidback than dog-owners. They’re loving additions to your family, but they’ll do it in their own way. They’re like the cool aunt that visits occasionally with gifts.

Miscellaneous Furbaby

Sometimes a dog and a cat aren’t what you and your family were looking for.

Dogs have an abundance of energy and anxieties. Cats are incredulous and self-removed.

Perhaps your family is in need of something with less commitment, like a rabbit. They don’t need a lot of attending, but they still can be affectionate family members.

A guinea pig or a hamster might be your next addition to your family. They’re great for introducing young children to the responsibilities of pet ownership without being overbearing.

If you’re up for the challenge, ferrets can be a blast. But beware, they’re very spunky. They will want to play – a lot.

We, however, wouldn’t advise getting an exotic pet. They’re not meant to live inside and with humans.

Congratulations – It’s a Furbaby!

Picking the right pet for your family is a difficult task.

Dogs are loving, loyal, and very needy. Cats are very self-sufficient, but still loving in their own way.

If you don’t think either would fit in with your lifestyle, try a different furbaby. There are many to choose from.

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