Does Renting A Charter Bus Have Insurance

If you’ve got a lot of people with you, a charter bus is the absolute best way to get from point A to point B. Imagine the nightmare of having to book a plane ticket for a bunch of people that have their own agenda and idea of how one should travel through the air. Then there’s the luggage and the “overweight baggage” fiasco you know is going to affect at least two people in your party. And before you know it, you’ve missed a flight that cost an arm and a leg for everybody. The best option is a chartered bus. But whether you’re on the administrative side of a business or just a well-informed individual, you need to ask about insurance. 

Deciding To Get Insurance 

A charter bus, just like any vehicle, is supposed to have insurance. And when you rent one, there are liabilities and safeguards put in place to make sure that there are as many options as you can have for each and every situation. But ultimately, that’s up to you to avail of a given service. For instance, the largest charter bus selection in the United States, Price 4 Limo, always has insurance options laid out for you to choose. You just have to talk to a customer service representative to get all the details you need. 

There are some other, smaller companies that may not offer the same level of service. This is where personal discernment comes in when choosing who to do business with. Chartered buses are not cheap. They’re a million times better than flying, but they’re still an investment in time and resources. Be smart. 

In-House Insurance

If you choose to go with the insurance options that are given by the company, always choose the one that has the most coverage. This isn’t some weekend with you and your sweetheart in a two door sports car. This is a giant vehicle carrying up to three dozen people inside. That’s a lot of liability and a lot of ways things can go less than perfect. That alone is a massive incentive to get the best. And unlike a regular car rental, it’s not a means for the company to make extra cash. Anyone can get a 4 door sedan to replace the old one. This is, once again, a big and expensive bus. There is no Ferrari or Lamborghini on earth that costs as much as a bus. Think about that. Businesses just want to protect their investment, too.

Your Own Insurance 

If you decide to go with your own insurance, you’re going to have to go through some interesting loops. Your insurance agent may know what you’re asking about, but on the back end they’re scrambling to find the right policy. And even then, do they really have the specifics down? Phone confidence is part of their job, so read the fine print before signing any potentially subpar contract for 30 people’s safety. 

In the end, the decision is up to you. But do know that renting a charter bus has insurance. And nobody knows the lay of the land better than the people in the business. No matter the case, one should always be knowledgeable and asked as many questions as possible before picking a desired service.

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