Do you need a coffee matching algorithm to choose better coffee?

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Do you need a coffee matching algorithm to help you choose your coffee? Or do you think you have the know-how and experience to go it alone? Being a coffee connoisseur (or a coffee snob) is nothing to be ashamed of! The skill telling the difference between Nigerian beans and South American beans, and even the style of roasting, is certainly a sign of well-trained taste buds.

Everyone knows that person who is passionate about their coffee. The person who without fail, will give exacting instructions to their barista, and complain if the coffee isn’t brewed to perfection. If you are one of these people you probably prefer to make your coffee at home just to ensure that the quality is acceptable.

Specialty coffee is big business. The coffee industry in the U.S. is estimated to be worth over 48 billion dollars – and around 55% of this!

What is Specialty Coffee?

Take a coffee farmer that knows what they’re doing, farming beans in the most optimum location for their strain. Add a coffee buyer who sources their beans at only the premium time for harvest, from sustainable and ethical suppliers. Ship the well-packaged coffee beans to a roaster whose passion is extracting the best roast profile possible, while some may combine different beans to create unique flavors, many roast beans from single countries, sometimes even a single farm.

Once you have all of these, and provide them to a first-class barista, you have a specialty coffee.

What’s A Coffee Matching Algorithm?

Because there are so many flavor variations in coffee, it is hardly surprising that coffee connoisseurs have strong preferences.  So this month, specialty coffee subscription service announced that they have created an algorithm designed to perfectly match each coffee connoisseur with their preferred bean.

The theory is that you answer nine questions about your taste – not just in coffee, but also your preferences for sour tastes, preferred flavors, and even what sort of grind you would need. While some of the questions may seem like they are only for true connoisseurs, “What tasting notes do you think you like in coffee?” Crema walks you through to get the right answers. Including whether you add sugar and how much cream you like.

The algorithm has over 250,000 possible questionnaire combinations, over 2,800 data points, and uses a library of over 450 different coffees.

While obviously it is set up to help you purchase a coffee subscription from, there isn’t actually any personal data collected. You don’t even need to enter your email address to get your results.

Speciality CoffeeSource: Claro Café

How accurate is the Coffee Algorithm?

After answering all the questions, the coffee algorithm decided that the Full Cycle Espresso from “Nossa Familia Coffee” would be perfect. An extremely versatile coffee with caramel, citrus, and floral notes.

While specialty coffees often talk about their unique origin and single genetic strain, apparently this is a more humble blended roast that gains its rich chocolatey flavor from a base of Brazilian coffee beans. Would this suit? It certainly sounds delicious.

Even if you have a blend you never stray from, maybe now would be the perfect time to branch out and see if a computer can provide you with your next favorite coffee.

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