Do You Know What Your Pet’s Food Is Made From? Do You Know What Your Pet’s Food Is Made From?

The pet section in every supermarket is usually filled with a bunch of food containers that have freshly cut meat on the bag or a pink healthy fish on it. It’s these kinds of images that suggest that our pet’s food is made from these ingredients; however, the truth is far from our assumption. 


We all believe that the raw lean muscle is processed within our pet’s food; however, we couldn’t have been more wrong. The remaining parts of the animals that are killed for food production are the ones that our pets eat. Things like beaks, blood, bones, and organs are known as by-products and that’s the real food that our pets unfortunately digest. Wait, it gets worse. Our leftovers like grease and expired meats also make it into our pets’ food. Livestock is also included; any dead or disabled animal gets processed as well. Industries use a process, known as rendering. It converts any kind of animal waste into usable substances; it grinds them all together, cooks them for hours, and then prepare food for our pets. The only good outcome is that it kills any kind of parasites, infectious bacteria, fats, and removes water.  

Natural Ingredients 

Don’t lose hope though; there are still companies that still produce proper, healthy pet food. These recipes are made by professional veterinarians who understand the various needs of each breed and what their bodies need. They include fresh vegetables, fruits, and clean meats. These recipes don’t contain artificial substances or any chemical interference, which is why they tend to be a bit more expensive than any other company. Quality food comes with a price, but you’ll be happy to know that there are companies that offer discounts. You might find Spot and Tango discount code on any pet-related online store; these online stores usually have coupons that you can use, so you can buy a healthy meal. 

Artificial Ingredients

Chemicals are another dangerous ingredient that could be in your pet’s food. They could be in the colors, flavors, or sprayed onto the food itself. Some companies use artificial dyes to color the meal; this is harmful because it’s not coming from a natural ingredient. Another suspicious thing is the artificial flavor; if it were made from real fish or red meat, why would the company add a flavor? There are many companies that add a flavor so that your pet gets tricked into eating it. They also spray chemical substances so that the colors, smell, and flavor remain intact. The scary part about all of this is that when your pet keeps consuming all of these chemicals on a daily basis; their health will gradually be in poor condition.  

We care about our pets as we care for our own; once we adopt them, they immediately become part of our family. We love our pets so much that we’d do anything for them, including buying them proper food. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies that sell harmful substances, which is why we need to be very picky when buying food for them. 

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