Do single-reel slots payout much?

Single-reel slots are well-liked by players due to their simplicity, although this has left players wondering whether these styles of slots payout as much as others. 

Single reel slots 

A single reel slot is a type of slot machine which has only a single reel. This is in stark contrast to other slot machines that players will encounter on the market including five reel and three reel slot games. Single reel slot games are a little different for players as they will have a dramatically smaller amount of pay lines, due to the number of reels involved. While it may be fair to assume that this will negatively affect the payout potential of these games, the truth is that single reel slots can still pay out a nice amount to a player if they are lucky. While there may not be as many chances to win, these slot games can be incredibly exciting as there is only a sole reel to focus on, keeping the game incredibly simple for players. 

Payout potential 

The payout potential of a slot game does not have to do with the reel amount, there are many factors that affect it. The following are some things that players should look at when trying to decide the payout potential of a game. 

●     RTP – This stands for return to player and it can be a great indication of how much return a player can expect to get from a slot game. It usually comes in the form of a percentage around 95% on average, although it has been known to deviate. It can be found in the paytable of a slot machine.

●     Volatility – Players also need to look at the volatility of a game, this is essentially how much risk is involved. Games with higher volatility will generally be riskier for players to use than those with lower amounts. 

Other reel slot formats 

A single reel slot is not the only slot reel format that players will encounter. There are actually a variety of different slot reel formats for players to enjoy. The following are some of the most common variations.

  1. 5 reel slot format – This is the most common slot reel format that players will encounter, it is predominantly used in modern slot games. As a result of the expanded reel size, games are much more exciting than smaller reel formats, these slots have an increased amount of paylines for players to enjoy too! The average for these kinds of slots is 25!
  2. 3 reel slot format – If you are a player who wants to experience a more classic slot game then look no further than a 3 reel slot. This design was the most popular format for games of the past, players will love the simpler design and easy to understand action that these slot games have.

Final Thoughts 

Single reel slots certainly have the potential to pay out a large amount, it just depends which slot game a player uses and how they play.

Photo by Carl Raw