Do expensive golf shoes help you hit the ball further?

You may have famously seen companies mention that their golf shoes can allow you to have more power in your shots. Obviously, this is a very bold claim and one that needs further investigating because the simple idea that what you wear on your feet can impact your distance is confusing to your average golfer. So, we decided to speak to some industry experts to find round really what this means.

As we all know, golf shoes can easily cost anywhere up to £200 and a simple read of the top ten golf shoes for comfort will show you all the different options that are available right now. You will probably have heard of all the major brands such as Callaway, Under Armour and Skechers but there are also specialist golf shoe brands such as ECCO and Stuburt.

As many of our readers will agree, when you usually think of golf shoes, you think of wearing it for comfort and injury prevention. So, when we apply pressure to our feet even simply by standing, there is a sheer force that will impact the likes of your lower back and spine.

Many average golfers will have imbalances between their left and right foot which over a prolonged period of time, can lead to complications with back pain.

So, typically shoes are designed to fix these imbalances to make sure there’s equal pressure on both feet and as close to perfect alignment as possible.

Now, this is where the idea comes from that the shoes you wear can have an impact on the distance that you are able to hit.

The power in your golf swing is generated from the ground which gets released in a coiling motion in your upper body.

What companies such as Under Armour are suggesting is that by having an evenly balanced feet position, you begin to use your feet efficiently from the ground up which transfers into my energy throw your body and finally into the golf ball. This obviously results in more power.

Furthermore, their research also claims that most of us don’t use all of our feet which means that you are also losing potential power and distance.

They have shown that most average golfers will put a lot of the pressure up on the front of their feet instead of using the heel which means you are not using all the muscles in your leg to generate the power.

However, as the team at the Golf Fanatic suggested, how much awareness does an average golfer have of their feet. Your average golfer probably doesn’t have a consistent swing and may not understand the correlation between weight transfer and kinetic energy.


As a conclusion, it is clear that technology in shoes has come a long way and many companies are now starting to made bold claims such as increase in power and distance. Now, although scientific research does show that this is possible, these are premium shoes that come with premium price-tag. Is it really worth paying that much money in search of those extra few yards? If you are low handicap or professional golfer that plays regularly, then absolutely! However, if you are playing golf once every few weeks and aren’t consistent, then a cheaper option is far more viable for you.






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