DMKskin: Find the Right Acne Scar Treatment for You

Acne can be a frustrating skin condition because it is challenging to treat. It can also cause long-term scarring, which can be even more frustrating to fix. The more severe the breakout, the deeper the scars tend to penetrate the skin because of the infection and damage it causes to the surrounding tissue.

But don’t worry—it’s not all hopeless. There are some excellent products in the market today that are formulated specially to diminish acne scars’ appearance.

Understanding the problem

Acne scars can negatively impact your self-esteem because they can affect your romantic, professional, and social life. The good news is that acne treatments are available to help with the condition and prevent it from permanently marring your skin.

Scars caused by acne come in different forms, and it’s essential to determine the type of scarring you have to get the right treatment for it. Remember that no single treatment will work for everyone.

Acne scars are categorized either as atrophic or hypertrophic scars. The latter is caused by too much tissue, and the former by loss of tissue. Atrophic scars are capable of healing beneath the normal layer of skin tissue, so they produce minimal indentation. Hypertrophic scars can result in raised scars because of too much collagen.

Scars caused by acne can be one or a combination of the following:

  • Ice pick scars – These are v-shaped scars that can look like small, round holes, similar to chickenpox scars. They often go deep, which makes them difficult to treat.
  • Boxcar scars – These are U-shaped with sharp edges yet shallow, so they are easily more responsive to treatment.
  • Raised scars – Often caused by check and back acne, they are raised above the skin’s surface due to the collagen influx while healing.
  • Dark spots – These are discolored acne scars that can be red, brown, or purple and remain when the pimple heals. They can heal on their own over time.
  • Rolling scars – Characterised by their round edges and a look that makes them appear like they are rolling. However, they are often less visible from afar.
  • Keloid and hypertrophic scars – These are raised scars that often affect men, usually found on the torso, but can also occur on other parts of the body. Keloid is a type of hypertrophic scar that is bigger than the actual wound, and it keeps growing even after healing.

An effective treatment plan must also consider the scarring grade, which ranges from mild to severe.:

  • Grade 1 – Discolouration on the surface of the skin. The scars look flat and brown or pink, so the treatment options are typically products with vitamin C or retinol.
  • Grade 2 – Scars that are localized to the surface, so the skin appears thickened with a lack of radiance. Microdermabrasion or chemical peels may be recommended to encourage collagen production.
  • Grade 3 – Moderate scars that are visible and cannot easily be concealed with makeup. These are often treated with neurotoxins or via subcision, a surgical procedure.
  • Grade 4 – The most severe, as it can be seen from a distance. Thus, these acne scars require more care, which may include surgery or neurotoxins.

The right treatment must be tailored to you

Getting rid of acne scars shouldn’t be a struggle. You can count on DMK for comprehensive treatment and a Home Prescriptive regime tailored to your unique condition.

All scar revision programs at DMK start and end with Enzyme Therapy to strengthen the skin, and Home Prescriptive products for nourishment. The goal is to replace damaged cells with healthier, firmer, and stronger ones to achieve even and smoother skin that can give you more confidence.

Enzyme therapy treatments and EFA supplements detoxify and strengthen your skin’s function and internal structures. DMK may start your treatment with a series of enzymes and a comprehensive homecare regime, including fatty acid supplements. After that, a

signature peel will be done to minimize the scarring, followed by more work to keep refining the skin. At this point, we will start alternating between Enzyme Therapy, pH revision treatments, and prozyme treatments to keep the remodeling process controlled.

DMK’s home prescriptive products are rich with amino acids, and they are part of acne scar treatment to nourish the cell proteins and encourage the skin to regenerate improved tissue with the right nutrients and water.

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