DIY Wedding Planning? Here are 5 Trends to Skip

​A frugal, creative and savvy bride is no stranger to the DIY wedding movement. But according to a study by Brides, the DIY movement is getting a boost by ladies ditching traditions and opting for alternatives to the old-school wedding day. From thank you cards to dresses, here’s what you can skip and what to keep at your DIY wedding.

1. Boring Thank You Cards

Thank you cards can feel tedious to put together, but it’s a tradition that needs honoring. You simply need to express your gratitude to your guests for taking the time and expense to attend your wedding.

Then again, you can skip the formal, dreary thank you options and instead create personalized thank you cards with gorgeous designs and sophisticated photo touches. Choose your favorites and make your guests feel embraced by your unique style.

2. Purchasing Flowers and Arrangements

Wedding flowers and arrangements can add up fast and strain your budget for your big day. According to, having a budget of around $3000 is recommended, with some spending as high as $11,000. However, you can slash those costs by sharing the flowers with another bride.

Ask the venue to put you in touch with someone getting married before or after your ceremony or turn to a site like Bloomerent to find someone in the area with whom to share flowers and costs. Another option is to ditch the formal arrangements altogether and look at local wildflowers and nature-inspired twig-and-floral arrangements to add to your wedding reception.

3. Assigned Seating

If you’re spending your engagement worrying about how to keep warring relatives apart, you can rest easy by skipping the assigned seating. Moreover, ditch the predetermined sit-down dinner option that offers guests a choice of beef, chicken or fish and get creative.

Instead, host a cocktail-style reception, where guests can sit and chat or move about the room and graze on snacks and drinks. Or, host a buffet where everyone can get the dinner options they want, and set up plenty of tables so people can spread out and enjoy some space if needed.

The more flexible your reception meal is, the easier it will be to do away with assigned seating altogether.

4. Traditional Wedding Favors

Wedding favors offer a tangible way to say thanks to your guests but isn’t required for a modern wedding. A personalized thank you note is thanks enough, but you can also get creative and skip the need to hand-craft all the favors yourself.

Add a note in your wedding program that a donation will be made to a favorite charity or cause in lieu of favors. Your guests will feel good about your giving back, and you might even score a tax deduction for the contribution.

5. Traditional Dresses

A traditional wedding can look elegant and sophisticated, but it can also resemble a wedding magazine ad with all the matching dresses and shoes. Skip the tradition altogether and ask your bridesmaids to choose their own dresses. Of course, it’s a good idea to give some direction like a knee-length black dress or floor-length option in navy or light blue.

The wedding dress can also be customized to meet your favorite style, from vintage to classic. You can also open your closet doors and pull out your favorite dress, along with some handmade jewelry or pieces sourced from Etsy. There is really no rule for how to dress up your wedding, as long as you create an intentional look you love.

Skip the Stress and Plan a Wedding of Your Dreams

Your DIY dreams can empower and simplify your wedding day and not make it feel overwhelming. From choosing the right thank you notes to non-traditional floral arrangements, make your wedding day about you and your loved ones gathering for a celebration and skip the stress.

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