Discovering Your Style: Everything You Need to Know About Picking the Right Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces are designed to sit tightly around the wearer’s neck. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colours, styles, and materials ranging from simple black fabric to elegant personalized gold chains. This makes it easy to find a choker that will match just about anyone’s unique style and wardrobe.

Since every choker is a little different, buyers need to do some research before placing their orders. Read on to find out what to keep in mind when buying choker necklaces to ensure a good fit.

Neck Measurements

It’s important to take accurate measurements before purchasing a choker necklace, especially online. They’re supposed to fit fairly tightly but need to remain loose enough to avoid breathing difficulties. Measure the neck, then add around two inches to that measurement to get the right length.

The shape of the wearer’s neck will also impact what type of choker will look the best. Those with long, slender necks can typically get away with wearing wider chokers while those with shorter, wider necks often find that they look better in thinner choker necklaces. Keep neck shape in mind when contacting Adina’s Jewels to discuss styling options.

Face Shape

Chokers frame their wearers’ faces, accentuating whatever feature is most prominent. They look very flattering on people with oval-shaped, heart-shaped, or long faces. Those with exceptionally round faces may want to avoid wearing choker necklaces entirely, as they tend to emphasize fullness.

Know the Occasion

A basic, fabric choker might be fine for a teenager who wants a new piece of jewellery to complement casual outfits, but it would look ridiculous worn with formal clothing. Those who are buying chokers for adults should opt for high-quality materials like gold, silver, or rose gold. There’s still plenty of variation, though, so make sure to check out different styles before choosing one.

Metal chokers can be either simple and dainty or they can be a little showier, so it’s still important to keep the wardrobe in mind. Fine and semi-fine metal chokers are in right now, so there are plenty of options available for custom necklaces and unique, elegant styles. Save the pearls, diamonds, and delicate embellishments for formal wear.

Get to Know Necklines

Chokers don’t look good with all styles of dresses and tops. As a general rule, the more skin women expose around their necks the better their chokers will look. That’s why it’ s important to consider necklines.

Choker necklaces look best with v-neck, sweetheart, scoop, and square necklines. They can also make a bold statement when paired with strapless dresses or tops and off-the-shoulder designs. It’s best to avoid pairing chokers with high necklines, as they tend to snag and can make the wearer’s neckline look awkwardly bulky.

Match Clothing Style

Since chokers look great with just about any style of clothing, it’s important to choose a design that matches the wearer’s style. A younger woman with an alternative style might look good in a leather choker, but the same necklace would look ridiculous on an older woman with a more conventional style. When in doubt, purchase a more subtle choker made from fine or semi-fine metals that will look good with both formal or semi-formal wear and more casual outfits.

Layering Chokers

Just like other necklaces, chokers can be layered to create a stylish look. Women can either purchase layered chokers or match simple chokers with other similar necklaces.

As a general rule, it’s best to incorporate at least three layers of different lengths. Try incorporating an elegant pendant to one of the layers for added visual interest, but keep material, style, and embellishments in mind. Highly embellished chokers tend to look better worn by themselves and pair well with minimal gowns or casual outfits.

Pairing with Earrings

Earrings can make or break any look, but this is particularly true with choker necklaces. Pair chunky chokers with smaller, more elegant earrings that won’t overpower them. Try larger statement earrings for pairing with thinner, more elegant or feminine choker necklaces but make sure to keep material and style in mind so that the pieces will complement each other and their wearer’s face.

Custom Options

Custom necklaces make great gifts for just about any occasion. There are plenty of options available for custom chokers, so do some research and check out the recipient’s clothing and other jewellery pieces before deciding on a style and material. Keep in mind that custom jewellery always costs more, but that cost is offset by how thoughtful gift custom necklaces make.

There’s nothing wrong with women buying their own custom jewellery. If anything, it gives them the chance to more fully express themselves and find pieces that will be guaranteed to match their styles and personalities perfectly. Women should just make sure to follow all the same advice when buying custom chokers for themselves as they would when purchasing a necklace for a friend or loved one.

Buying Online

There’s no need to check every jewellery store in town for choker necklaces. They’re relatively easy to size, which makes them a good candidate for online shopping. Those who are buying chokers for themselves should simply keep their neck measurements in mind while shopping.

Sizing a choker for a gift can be tough since it’s hard to come up with an excuse to measure someone’s neck. Try buying a choker on a standard chain that can be adjusted as necessary to avoid potential problems or sneak a peek at the recipient’s other jewellery if she has other choker necklaces in her collection.

The Bottom Line

Choker necklaces look great on the vast majority of people. Just make sure to keep factors like neck size and shape, face shape, and personal style in mind and purchase a choker that will complement the wearer’s wardrobe and other jewellery.

Those buying gifts should consider custom pieces, especially if they’re buying for someone who already has it all. Custom jewellery is a perfect, thoughtful gift for women of all ages and all style preferences. Start checking out available options at online retailers today.

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  1. Face shape, Layering!?! This spoke straight to my soul! Far too many times have I seen a round-faced woman with sharp features chokers that definitely do NOT complement or accent one another. The shape should influence the accessories for sure. When it comes to layering, I did not even know you could do that! I have seen complex and beautiful chokers over the years and have hunted in stores and online to find similar jewelry. I never thought that these people were likely layering their jewelry. The possibilities are now truly endless! I have a ton of jewelry and am looking for to various combinations and layers.

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