Discover the Best Ways to Use Your BluTiger Elliptical

If you are wanting to hop on board with the trendiest new workout equipment, then look no further than the BluTiger seated elliptical machine.

Designed to help you balance your work-life schedule to the max, you can now get your sweat on and burn calories nearly everywhere at any time of day!

Working out has honestly never been so convenient thanks to this innovative piece of equipment. And thank goodness, because working out and looking after our health has never been as important as it is today.

We live in a world where our health is more at risk than ever before. And in order to maintain our health, we should all be prioritizing getting our heart rate up through exercise and sweating out the toxins every single day.

But often, life gets in the way. There is that cray work calendar that can mean a full day of meetings. Then there are school pick-ups, making dinner, trying to sneak in some relaxation time and of course, sleep.

That leaves little to no time for most of us to get even a short workout in. But now, that has all changed for the better. This portable elliptical machine can travel with you nearly anywhere and always provide you with consistent workout challenges and results.

So what are the best ways to use your BluTiger elliptical machine? We’ve rounded up the top times to pull it out and get peddling away.

1. During your morning emails

Most of us start our mornings at our desk sifting through and prioritizing all the emails that have come through since we last logged on. This tends to be a more mindless task that can be balanced out with a bit of exercise. So take out that elliptical machine under your desk and start peddling away as you organize your inbox for the day. An added benefit is it will boost your energy levels to start the day off with, allowing you to feel more productive right from the get-go—and may kick in before that cup of coffee does.

2. When you are on a stressful work call

If you have an important work call that is stressing you out, take out your portable elliptical machine in your meeting room and put it underneath your chair. Start peddling before the call to release all those anxious nerves. And then when the call begins, you will already have a rhythm going so you can sound confident right from the start. Pro-tip though, we recommend choosing a lighter resistance for this scenario so that you aren’t breathing too heavy on the call and distracting from the objectives at hand.

3. On your lunch break

While getting a nice walk in the sunshine at work is always a great way to spend a work break, the weather does not always cooperate. So if it is one of those gloomy afternoons, pull out the seated elliptical machine instead and get into a good rhythm while reading a book or catching up on the news or social media. Your lunch break will feel productive and get you re-set to tackle the second half of the day.

4. For preventing injuries

This elliptical machine is not just for those who need to work out in the office. In fact, it is equally great for those wanting to prevent injuries on their weak joints. Especially for those with weak knees, this low-impact exercise allows you to build out the muscles around your knees so you can protect them better when doing other activities. Of course, we always recommend you chat to your doctor first to make sure this is the right type of preventative and rehabilitative exercise for you, as everyone will have different needs!

5. When you are chilling at home

After a long day, you deserve some chill time at home. But if you have not gotten in your workout, hope is not yet lost on you. Turn on your favorite Netflix show while seated in your lounge chair and put the elliptical machine underneath, so that you can peddle while you watch. In fact, this is such a great idea that we think it deserves its own new catchphrase of Netflix and Peddle.

As you can tell, there are so many great ways to use your portable and seated elliptical machine. With the opportunity to use it throughout your day, you won’t have to re-adjust your schedule to get your exercise time in. Instead, you can multitask while you have a seat and peddle away.