Dining Room Sideboards and Buffets

The dining room is a simple space usually filled with a table, chairs and a buffet. Due to the lack of furniture in comparison to other rooms of a house, it is important to choose the right furniture in your dining room to compliment the overall theme of your house and increase functionality. With the right buffet to tie it all together and all the best tips from 1825 interiors, you can achieve just that.

The buffet, also known as a sideboard, makes up the storage area of the dining room and can prove to be quite handy and a stylish addition to your home. The top of a buffet can also serve as a serving area during meals.

Why Should You Buy a Buffet?

The increased practicality that a buffet brings to a home is not all the reason to own one, but definitely proves the purchase to be one that is worthwhile.

A sideboard comprises of shelves or drawers and can be closed up with doors or left as a form of open storage with all your dining room goods left on display.

When you’re thinking of buying a sideboard, it is important to consider whether you want the open or closed storage look. As dining rooms are usually the most formal room of the household, people tend to lean towards a closed sideboard as it may look tidier with everything packed away. However, an open storage unit can open the entire room up and makes the room feel lighter and more spacious.

Having an open sideboard means your storage is on display, which can create opportunity to accessorise and add to the room’s overall style. But, the advantage of a closed sideboard is that it allows you to hide storage away in case your packing skills aren’t up to par.

If you’re looking for something in between, opt for one that has glass doors. This way you can have best of both worlds.

This storage solution is one that is functional and serves household needs.

How Do I Choose a Buffet?

Firstly, look at the scale of your room. Does the buffet fit the scale? A good sideboard will not be too big in comparison to a small table and shouldn’t be too small when paired with a big table. There should be an even proportion between the furniture.

How practical do you want the buffet to be? How much will you be storing? In your buffet you can store tablecloth, extra dishes, cups, cutlery and many more things. But, if you don’t have too much use of the storage then maybe a buffet that screams style is the direction you should head in.

How Do I Find a Buffet That Will Fit with My Home Décor?

The options for sideboards are infinite. There is a sideboard for every interior theme and you will find one that you love and will make full use of.

The most common sideboard you will find is a wooden veneer one. A wooden veneer sideboard alone will fit into many categories like contemporary, traditional or Nordic home styling.

Buy a sideboard that matches the table of your dining room to allow for great mixing and matching freedom. Once you have a few matching elements in a room, you can go crazy with colour and pattern in other areas. With the subtle colour of wood, use bright patterns on your table linen and add artwork to your walls. Voila! You have successfully mixed and matched your furniture.

Your sideboard can also be a large signature piece. Why not buy one that is unique to any other. If you’re lucky enough to encounter a sideboard that is original in texture or tone, grab it while you can and heighten the character of your dining room.

Give sideboards and buffets the attention they deserve and do not leave your dining room behind creatively. Take on the lack of furniture in the dining room as an opportunity to advance in design of your home.

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