Different Ways You Can Adorn Designer Silver Jewelry

Designer silver jewelry trends year in year out, why you may wonder? Temperatures in fashion are soaring with silver jewelry which come in a plethora of incredible modern styles and everyone wants a piece of it.  While there are plenty of other jewelry including gold and platinum, designer silver seems to be a favorite for most people. Here is how you can wear silver jewelry in your everyday life and still raise the bar of your fashion game.

Office chic

If someone says you can’t wear jewelry in the office, they don’t know anything to do with jewelry. Office settings are slowly becoming more formal in many places with dress codes taking a more fashionable direction. You can rock a silver choker with pants, a denim shirt and oxford shoes for an understated chic look. Another example of an office chic look is a chucky layered designer silver necklace topped with a white blouse and a pair of pants, this is ideal for an informal meeting or office party.

Street style

With a mixture of urban and traditional styles ruling the fashion market, you can pair designer silver jewelry with practically any outfit. Even with a tank top and ripped jeans paired with sneakers, you can throw a rustic piece of silver jewelry and you’re ready to rock college fashion. When going shopping or travelling, try an oxidized designer silver necklace with a spaghetti dress and block heels. Last but not least, you can wear chunky silver bracelets or silver rings with either colettes, jeggings or flaired pants with a loose or flowy top matched with bellies or comfortable flats.

Bohemian style

Although underrated, bohemian styles are the most comfortable and the style is rapidly catching on. This is because it is the ideal trend to pick when going for a concert, party, festival, college fest, wedding or while traveling, doing brunch or outing on a casual day. If you are aiming for an incredible look, a pair of large drop earrings or a few bold designer silver necklaces with a solid tank top with leggings worn over a colorful cape (optional).  A long-detailed silver necklace will be best worn with flowy skirt that is either laced, embroidered or colorful matched with a solid crop top.

Tips on how to wear your designer silver jewelry

  1. Start Small: If you are new to jewelry buying, then it is advisable that you start small. Don’t invest in expensive jewelry only to find you can’t even wear it. So, try it out first! You can start with a delicate designer silver piece and see if it suites you. If it does, you can proceed to get a ring or a few bangles. Once you feel that designer silver jewelry is a trend you want in on, then you can proceed to build your collection.
  2. Don’t overdo: Regardless of how much you love silver jewelry, avoid overdoing it. Try and select one piece at a time for the statement you want to make. If you are in neck piece type of mood, go for simple tops and don’t to drop earrings. If your outfit comprises of bangle, avoid wearing big rings.
  3. Don’t be shy: Where silver is concerned, do not be afraid of trying other jewelry pieces such as waist bands and anklets as long as they are silver as well.
  4. Know how to work your neckline with specific neck pieces: A jewelry neck piece should either be high enough to show the entire necklace on your skin or deep enough to set the same base. Having a medium neck where the piece of jewelry sits half on the fabric and half on your skin doesn’t look that great.

Remember, designer silver is the most preferred type of jewelry because it is not only chic and incredible looking but also comes in many different styles and most importantly it has a shiny nature.

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