Different Kinds Of Jewelry Worn as Symbolism And  Their Meanings

You might think that people wear jewelry for beautification purposes, and you are half right. Some people use them for specific reasons, and that is precisely what this article will be covering. Below is a detailed list of why people from all over the world use jewelry for. Read on to find out and see if you fit in any of the categories.

To symbolize currency

Some precious metals can be used as tangible assets that symbolize some value of a currency. Precious metals like gold and silver and even bronze can be exchanged for a lot of money. Some cultures and even businesses allow one to make payments of their services and goods using these same precious metals. The concept of cash is actually rooted in exchanging these metals and initiating the making of coins as a mode of exchange today. 

Today that same concept has been adopted, but the only difference is that now, the metals look a little bit more attractive, making them even more valuable. A simple gold nose ring may very well cost hundreds of dollars.

To symbolize wealth security

People usually think that land and cars and houses are the only indication of having a secure financial life. But did you know that jewelry might as well be just as lucrative? The Hindu and Arabic cultures know these all too well, as they pass down precious jewelry to their sons and daughters as financial security. The fact that you can switch the same jewel to cash means that you can buy houses, cars, land, and even planes if you have enough. Wonder why countries protect their precious metals mining sites so tightly? This is why!

 To symbolize Religion

The prominent religious leaders like the Pope, Bishops, and other spiritual leaders sometimes have custom-made jewelry with a deep religious meaning. They wear rings, emblems, lapels, necklaces, and more specific items like rosaries and meditation bracelets that cost a fortune. 

To symbolize status

People with a particular statue in society always have a certain oomph in their walk. That thing, most times, is the jewelry pieces they choose to wear. Movie stars, musicians, and actors are right on top of this list going for the flashy and glittery. But there is a group that goes for simplicity and modesty that cost more or the same amount of millions. 

To symbolize fashion

This mostly goes into trends and the big fashion brands that incorporate jewels in their outfits and accessories to raise the value. Today, especially, you will find a diamond bedazzled phone cover or a silver or gold buckle belt with a designer logo on it. It is just used to raise the value and make you feel superior among your social groups.

To symbolize unions and relationships

The most famous piece of jewelry that represents a union formed is a ring. There are many types of rings, like promise rings, engagement rings, chastity rings, and wedding rings. These rings are a sign of commitment to the cause you firmly believe in. It may be religious, cultural, or personal.

To symbolize achievement

When athletes win a race or a game, the anticipated awarding ceremony comes at the end to get medals, which can also be termed as some form of jewelry. Basketball players and baseball stars again get championship rings as a sign of achievement of a specific goal within a stipulated time. These kinds of ornaments act as motivators making sports more interesting to watch. Every player wishes to one day get these adornments since they come with some form of status raise.

To symbolize a rite of passage

Colleges and other institutions may also offer their esteemed students rings as a sign that they passed a stern test to make it to the top. Some cultures, too, do the same with jewellery. The Hindu might exceptionally be fond of this use of jewelry through a person’s life stages like naming and so on.

To symbolize protection 

Every parent wants the best for their child, and even if it means getting them precious jewelry like a charm to do just that, they have no apologies. A great example is a talisman, which brings prosperity and success to whoever is in possession of it. Certain kinds of stones are believed to attract money, love, and children. These reasons are mostly based on religion, culture, or personal beliefs.

To symbolize heritage

Heirlooms are pretty standard as jewelry pieces. Sure, you must have heard that a ring was passed down from the great grandmother, and now it has found its way into the sixth or seventh generation. This practice is a connective activity that reminds the family of its roots and beliefs. There is something magical about having a ring that once your great-grandma wore. It is priceless.

To symbolize the self-expression

People do things for different purposes, and wearing jewelry is one of them. Self-expression is entirely based on a person’s tastes rather than religion or cultural-based. That is why you will find a lady wearing a ring on her wedding ring while she is still single. Or find a gentleman having a nose ring, which was not acceptable once upon a time. We have reached an era that you do what makes you happy, and if a navel or helix earring makes you feel content, then go right ahead.


As seen, people wear ornaments for different reasons. Some people model these pieces for religion, some social status, fashion, wealth, security, and others for the sake of it. So do not jump to a conclusion if you have no idea why an unmarried woman is wearing a ring. She might have a deep-seated reason why she does that.

All in all, jewelry does serve a meaningful purpose to people all over the globe, and this is not about to change any time soon. It actually seems that these traditions might be here for a long, long time- perhaps forever.


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