Design aspects to consider in your growth space

There are several things you need to consider when setting up the area where you are going to grow your cannabis. Be it a new place or if you are upgrading your production space. Many growers start setting up an area or facility and then, later on, find out they made several mistakes in the systems or controls which were not compatible with the growth of feminized cannabis seeds. This leads to expensive repairs and renovations to make the area compatible. Therefore, some factors need to be put into consideration when designing a new growth facility.

1. Safety concerns

This covers several different areas and we shall expound more on them as follows.


Every individual entering the growing area should be required to change all their clothing and shoes. They will then put on overalls that are clean and therefore, will prevent a person from coming in with pests from outside or disease-carrying organisms that may affect the crop. The feet or shoes should also be disinfected by spraying them or there should be a water bath at the facility entrance with an agent such as disinfecting agents and washing their hands with disinfectant before they enter any area where the crop is being cultivated. If you don’t have an area where decontamination can be done then, there is a risk of individuals coming in from the outside and thereby contaminating the growth area by introducing diseases and bugs or insects from the outside.

Sealed location

Where the marijuana is being grown should be completely wrapped up so that, the crop is not exposed to the elements from the outside. This makes the control of the environment to be easier while at the same time it makes it possible to prevent an infestation of pests from the outside or at the very minimum to minimize the occurrence of pests.

Greenhouse wrappings

There are many coverings that you can use in the area you plant your cannabis but it is essential to ensure that the one you use does not hinder UV light from coming through. Such covering that hinders UV light will tend to limit the growth of the cannabis crop. It is therefore important to choose a covering that allows a proper spectrum of light to come to contact with the plants.

2. Air conditions

This is also another necessary aspect that needs to be looked into when designing the area in which you plan to cultivate your crop. This includes various aspects as follows:

Air pressure

The pressure that should be found within the growth environment should be positive. This should not be left to chance and if necessary one can pressurize the environment artificially. The main advantage of having an environment that is pressurized is that it helps in the fight against diseases and bugs that may affect the cannabis crop. This works in a particular way whereby because of the positive pressure the air at any opening or space such as the door will tend to be forced out at a higher velocity. As a result, any disease-carrying organisms or bugs will find it quite difficult to enter the facility.

Flow of air

This is an aspect that is often overlooked by most growers and it is necessary to have the right equipment to enable you to have air that is flowing properly throughout to entire growth facility. The required rate of airflow is generally seen as being at the rate of one mile per hour. However, one doesn’t have to be so precise and several things can be done to achieve the necessarily required airflow. Have the proper infrastructure to enable the movement of air throughout the facility. Also, constantly prune your plant to remove any unnecessary vegetative matter and also get rid of lower hanging branches. There should also be constant air throughout the growth area as this will help in the dispersion of carbon dioxide, reduce the risk of humidity, air inactivity, or the depletion of oxygen. Finally, it is vital to ensure that the incoming air is distributed evenly all over the growth area. Normally this is done by the use of ventilation ducts that are inflatable which are normally placed under the plants and will spread across the length of the crop facility.

Use of filtered and sterilized air

It is necessary to ensure that all the air that comes into the area where you are growing marijuana is filtered by the use of commercial filters. The air also needs to be sterilized by the use of electronic sterilizers or UV sterilizers. When the incoming air is both filtered and sterilized the risk of the facility being contaminated by diseases or bugs is greatly reduced. Besides, one can place the netting on open spaces such as windows or vents which can act as a filter to prevent insects and pests which are bigger from coming into the facility.

Humidity control

It is very imperative to control the relative humidity within your growth facility. This generally goes hand in hand with proper airflow as well as having the right climate control systems. This is important because the humidity is a key component that contributes to the growth of mold or fungi within any structure in the home. If you don’t have any equipment that can help with dehumidification then, there is a risk of the growth area becoming infected with powdery mildew or mold. It is key to note that plants such as cannabis produce a considerable quantity of water each day and therefore, it is important to have equipment that controls the humidity levels continuously. With this in mind, one can consult a professional from the homegrown cannabis company especially if the growth of the plant is being done indoors to design a suitable growth environment. At the same time, one can also institute the use of vapor pressure deficit controls. Vapor pressure deficit is essentially the difference that is measured between the quantity of air moisture at the moment and the quantity of moisture that air can hypothetically hold when fully saturated. Air that is fully saturated causes water to condense and form dew on leaves. It is, therefore, important to have a balance between humidity and vapor pressure deficit control system to ensure healthy crops.

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