Description, Detection And Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Without a doubt, every man is afraid of the diagnosis “erectile dysfunction”. However, it often turns out that in reality a man doesn’t know what exactly should be understood as erectile dysfunction (ED, impotence). For some, erectile dysfunction is intercourse shorter than fifteen minutes, for others – the complete absence of arousal at the sight of a naked woman, for the third – an unwillingness to mas*t*@bate, and so on. Meanwhile, medicine provides a clear and understandable definition of this condition: in case of erectile dysfunction, erection of the penis just before sex is absent, insufficient for a normal sexual contact, or it is very difficult for a man to maintain it. However, in the case of psychological impotence, problems with erection can occur only in the presence of a woman, while alone with himself, a man successfully achieves an erection and enjoys masturbating.

Now, having analyzed the reactions of your body, you will be able to answer the question whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction or not yourself. If you don’t feel the same enthusiasm when thinking about sex with a regular partner, are not too inclined towards intimacy at the height of a difficult work week, or sometimes you prefer to sleep longer than spend an hour or two having sex, you have nothing to worry about – this is normal for a male body, which may not be ready for sex 24/7. Meanwhile, if you are experiencing sexual desire and are already in bed with your beloved woman, and even started to pre-caress, and still can’t achieve an erection, or it disappears during the insertion of the penis into the vagina, or you can’t reach orga*m because of weakening erection during frictions, these are really disturbing symptoms. If you experience them, you should consult an urologist. Also, you should be alerted by a decrease in libido, the absence or weakening of the morning erection, any discomfort in the penis, testicles or perineum – these signs may indicate hormonal disruptions, prostatitis or other inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.

The doctor will determine the cause of your problems and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction different methods are, depending on the severity and etiology of the disease. Sometimes it is enough to follow general guidelines for a healthy lifestyle (sleep more, stop smoking, drink alcohol) so that the potency is restored. In other cases, it is necessary to get rid of psychological problems and complexes. Sometimes it is needed to cure concomitant diseases, such as prostatitis or hypertension. But most often for the treatment of more or less strongly pronounced erectile dysfunction drugs from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors are prescribed: they stimulate blood flow in the penis and dilate its blood vessels, thus strengthening erection. Among the most popular meds of this group there can be named Via*ra, Cialis, Levitra and their generics. Read more about the treatment of impotence on the website

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