Dentist in Sidcup- why meet the dentist?

Not all people consider going to see the dentist every six months; however it is important for them. If you are wondering why it is so important to have the regular checkups as well as cleaning then read further. Here we have gathered some useful information about the dentist in Sidcup. If you don’t meet the dentist regularly than be ready to face risk. You think that by not going to the dentist you are saving your money but it is not so. You are just ruining your dental health and in later life, you may have to pay more than what you have saved.

Reason for having dental check-ups every 6 month-

Oral cancer detection– this is an extremely serious disease which manifests in different ways. To know about the symptom you need to meet the dentist or else the symptoms will become severe. If you go for the early detection of this disease then you can get proper treatment.  A highly trained dentist can easily recognize the signs as well as a symptom of oral cancer.

Plague, cavities, and tartar– even when you brush daily still there are few corners of the mouth which you cannot reach.  If those placed are not cleaned then plague is built up and it becomes to remove the solidified matters which then convert into the tartar. Only professionals and dentist can help you remove this tartar.

Regular dental checkups prevent tartar from creating holes in your tooth and also it prevents eroding of the teeth. There is no warning sign given by the cavities, you come to know about it only when there is a pain in the tooth. Once your tooth got cavity you have to visit the dentist and get the cavities filled up. If you don’t wish to get cavities in your mouth then it is must that in every 6 months you visit the dental clinic. Also, a cleaning appointment is far cheaper than getting cavities filled.

Gum disease

Tartar and plague not only cause the tooth decay however it can also erode the gum tissues of the mouth. This occurs when tartar builds up and causes infection in the gums. Gum pulls away leaving tooth and this type of infection is referred to as gingivitis. This infection keeps on increasing and other gums are also affected.

In critical stage the gum will start swelling; it becomes sore and starts bleeding.  At these point teeth also breakdown. In such a case, the only dentist can provide help. The charges for the treatment will vary as per the severity of the disease. The dental specialist will ask for surgery if the case is serious. If you have regular checkups then you can avoid gingivitis.

Check your bad habits-

Bad habits can have a bad impact on your oral health and some of these habits can even be fatal. Bad habits are like chewing ice, nails, hard sweets, brushing too hard, smoking, drinking wine and red wine. If you go for a regular check up to the dentist then they can check the damages caused due to your bad habits. You can change your lifestyle so as to prevent the further destructions of your oral health.

So now if you are thinking to choose a dentist who can look after your oral health then read the few tips which we have given here.

Location– dentist in Sidcup which is near to your home will be best to choose. It will be easier to get an appointment and also you will not need to skip your office or school to see the dentist. But if you go for the dental clinics which are located far from your location then you will face a problem like you have to skip your work.

Reviews- when searching a dentist in Sidcup online makes sure you read the reviews. Reviews help you to know which dentist and dental clinic is mostly preferred by the people. Also, read the comment if you see positive comments and reviews then consider taking an appointment.

Website- most dentists have their websites and by visiting their site you can see their services, location, and background and also clear your queries. Also, read the FAQ and other details given on the site. You can even see the prices which they charge for a different type of dental services. You can compare two different clinics and make a better comparison that which dental clinic will be best for you to take the appointment.


Once you have decided that which dental clinic is better then you have to make a visit. Visit and see that the clinic is clean and have all professional dentists who can easily operate different dental tools with ease or not. If the clinic lacks facilities which were mentioned on their sites then avoid getting treatment from them. 

Appointment- selects the dental clinic and makes an appointment to get regular checkups. You can ask the dentist to provide you with a complete report of your oral health. If the dentist recommends going for a huge treatment process like a crown replacement, new filling, and oral surgery then request them to provide you the written plan which includes the cost of treatment. If their treatment plan looks unreasonable then consider switching to another dentist.

Always go for the dentists in Sidcup who are having a long year of experience and are highly reputed. If you don’t know any such dentist then asks your relatives or friends. Taking their recommendation is also good when selecting the dentist.

If you keep your oral health good then you will not face embarrassment which you otherwise face because of your dirty teeth. Also, having good oral health makes you more confident and happier. You can enjoy eating your favorite dishes if have teeth in good condition but if your teeth have a cavity or other issues then you can’t enjoy your favorite food. So, go and find a dentist in Sidcup and make the appointment today to get oral health check-ups.

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