Denmark Vacation for the Whole Family

Thinking about visiting Denmark with your family? It’s a pretty solid choice. There’s plenty to do in the country for the whole family, from the kids to the grandparents and including everyone in between. That’s because even if you never leave Copenhagen, there’s more than enough to keep all of you happy for a month or more, and so you’re unlikely to run out during vacation.

At the same time, building an itinerary can be difficult and time-consuming, and there’s also so much to see that we can end up with decision paralysis, unsure of which itinerary to go choose. The good news is that we’ve put in the research for you and done our best to identify just the main things that you’ll want to do during your visit to the country. Let’s get started.

Denmark Vacation for the Whole Family

1. Take in the cuisine

Kids love to eat, parents love to eat and grandparents love to eat, and that’s good news if you’re visiting Denmark because the country has a dynamic culinary culture that will leave you drooling when you start to check out what’s on the menu. In Copenhagen alone there are plenty of family-friendly restaurants, and even if you’re heading further afield, it’s the perfect excuse to chow down on something delicious.

2. Visit the beaches

Denmark might not be known for its beaches, but we say that’s an injustice. Denmark is home to some of the most stunning beaches in Europe, and indeed they’re just as fun to explore in the winter as they are in the summer. The stunning shoreline is unique, meaning that you can make memories as a family that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else in the world.

3. Take a cruise

One great way to explore any new country as a family is to go on a family European cruise. You can either just explore Scandinavia or you can aim further afield and continue your holiday long after leaving Denmark. Better still, there are all sorts of different cruise options out there which are tailored to different types of traveler, and that includes full families.

4. Explore Copenhagen

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is an extremely popular tourist destination and with good reason. It’s a fascinating city, and there’s a huge amount for you to learn about it during your visit. Make sure that you take in as much of the city’s history and culture as you can, and consider visiting some of the top museums in Copenhagen if you want to learn a little more.


By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what’s out there for you and your family to do during your visit to Denmark, and so it’s over to you so you can start booking flights and making plans.

As you’re traveling as a family, you’ll probably want to book in advance where possible to keep costs down. You may even be able to make further savings by purchasing family tickets, especially to museums and other attractions.

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