Delhi – A City That Fulfils the Expectations of Tourists

Delhi is a union territory in India that is known for its historical monuments and served as a centre of powerful kingdoms for a long-time. The city is also known for its rich culture and heritage that attracts a lot of tourists from various parts of the world. It has two divisions old Delhi and New Delhi which fulfil the expectations of visitors when they want to plan a vacation. In fact, both of them have something for everyone and they can discover them after making a trip.

Tourists who want to schedule their trip to Delhi should prepare all arrangements including accommodation for ensuring more excitements. This is because it becomes a difficult one to get rooms in hotels during the peak seasons. The Best hotels in Delhi offer excellent amenities for travellers allowing them to enjoy their trip in a sophisticated environment. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that they are nearer to important places that can help reach them as soon as possible.

Important places to visit in Delhi

1. India Gate

India Gate is a war memorial dedicated to Indian and British soldiers who sacrificed their life during the First World War. This 42-meter tall historical architecture is a famous one for hosting the Republic day every year. The structure also houses the Amar Jawan Jyoti which symbolizes the eternal and immortal soldiers of India. Moreover, the monument has names of 13.300 service men inscribed on its surface.

2. Red Fort

Red Fort is one of the world heritage sites approved by UNESCO because it represents the architectural creativity and brilliance of Mughal architecture. The monument which lies on the banks of Yamuna River has red stone walls which stand at 23 meters high. It includes a complex of several structures such as entertainment halls, indoor canals, geometrical gardens, projecting balconies, and so on. It is the most visited monument in Delhi that allows visitors to know more about the architectural works in detail.

3. Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Mehrauli Archaeological Park which lies in south Delhi contains the ruins of and scattered monuments of the Lal kot constructed by Tomar Rajputs during 11th AD. The archaeological park covers 100 acres of land which includes the mosque and tombs of some important persons including saints. In fact, it contains seven water bodies and some of them are manmade. Another thing is that the park covers a variety of vegetation and landscaped gardens that add more attraction. It even has a varied platform which includes water bodies, slopes, valleys, plains and other structures.

4. Rail Museum

Rail museum in Chanakyapuri is one of the must-see places in Delhi because it allows tourists to know more about the history and heritage of Indian railways. Apart from that, it   has an auditorium which can accommodate more than 200 people allowing them to watch the documentaries and workshops. The museum has a collection of 100 real size exhibits of Indian Railways enabling visitors to gain more knowledge.

5. National zoological park

National zoological park is an ideal spot for visitors who love wildlife. It allows tourists to view birds and animals which live in a natural habitat environment. Moreover, it is well maintained by the park authorities enabling visitors to spend their weekend with family and children.

Travel tips to Delhi

1. Delhi is known for its high air pollution levels and visitors should take care of themselves while traveling to important places.

2. Tourists should avoid drinking tape water because it may contain contaminants that will lead to health issues. It is advisable for them to drink bottled water only for getting high protection from potential hazards.

3. Foreign nationals should know the conversion rate of dollars when they want to exchange the currency in banks and exchange centres.

4. Visitors should avoid carrying heavy cash and other valuable items in crowded places to prevent robbery and other problems.

5. Delhi has a good transport system such as metro trains and public transport buses that allow visitors to reach important places as soon as possible.

6. Tourists should safeguard their personal things including mobile phones in buses, markets, and other places.

7.  Although Hindi is the main language spoken in Delhi, English is also used by many people for communication purposes.

8. The best time to visit Delhi is November, February, and March in a year because tourists can explore the places without any issues.

9. Tourists should follow the local customs and wear appropriate dresses while visiting religious places such as temple, mosque, and church.

10. Foreign nationals should carry a copy of important documents for identification purposes when they want to visit important monuments.

11. Delhi is a fashion capital and tourists can buy all sorts of dresses at cheaper prices in the markets to save more money.

12. The city offers a variety of food options for tourists enabling them to experience a fine dining in the restaurants.

13. There are many pubs and disco clubs available in the city for tourists who want to enjoy their night life with others.

14. Visitors can hire government tourist guides at affordable rates when they like to know the history of important places.

15. Visitors should avoid traveling alone in lonely areas to avoid threats from criminal activities. They should know the places that are not safe to travel that can help to prevent risks.

Hotels in Delhi

There are several hotels which offer different types of accommodation for tourists for fulfil their needs. However, it is necessary to know the availability of hotels in Delhi from various sources including online. Visitors should consider choosing a reputed hotel website for booking them in simple steps. Also, they should select hotels which are nearer to airport and other places. Most hotels provide excellent amenities for guests enabling them to enjoy a vacation with family and others. They even offer huge discounts during festive seasons allowing tourists to reserve them at lower prices that can reduce the expenses.

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