Dedicated Mother Wants to Breastfeed Her Daughter Until She is 10

That’s something I never thought I’ll hear but a woman wants to breastfeed her daughter until she turns ten.

I’m trying not to be judgmental, but I can see your face right now asking “what in the world?”.

Let’s give this story go.

Some people quit breastfeeding before they even start the process. Others, enjoy it because that’s something provided by God and nature.

Usually, a woman breastfeeds her baby for a year or maybe a year and a half.

Not this lady.

A 36-year-old mother from England wants to breastfeed her daughter until she turns 10.

This is Miira Dawson and daughter’s name is Tara. According to her, there are many reasons for her to continue what she does.

One of them is increasing Tara’s IQ.

I think it is a lovely thing for a baby to grow up and remember being breastfed, as not many people would be able to say this — plus, there are all the health and IQ benefits.

Wait, it gets better.

Even though you think that this is the only child in the world that will drink mother’s milk for a long time, there is another turn.

Miira breastfeeds her other kid, as well.

The boy you see in the picture is Miira’s two-year-old son. She nurses both of them three times a day.

I don’t think other moms are bothered really. It’s none of their business, but they may raise their eyebrows.

They sleep together

The mother sleeps with both of her kids. She is in the middle while one of the kids sleep on the left and the other on the right side.

The husband sleeps separately for health reasons.

Plus, Miira says that she doesn’t want to let her kids wake up alone and scared.

What about her husband?

Jim has no problem with it. He is going to let her do the breastfeeding for now. However, the idea of him sleeping alone is not something he admires.
He feels left out without the possibility of reading his kids’ bedtime stories or spend more time with them.

For now, I will excuse myself of personal opinions about this topic.

I just want to let you see what experts think about it.

It’s very rare to find someone who is still naturally feeding a child of six years. But there is absolutely no evidence that there is anything wrong, so why would mothers stop if it works for them. – Dr. Maria Iacovou, a sociologist at the University of Cambridge

When you think, you’ve heard everything…

Don’t forget to ask your friends about an opinion for this. I want to listen to what you think, as well.

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3 thoughts on “Dedicated Mother Wants to Breastfeed Her Daughter Until She is 10”

  1. This is ridiculous and abusive to the children as well as the husband. Why not pump and let the children get nutritional value from breastfeeding milk that way. Poor husband! You are teaching these kids to be clingy at some point they need to be on their own. Even COWS and other animals only feed their young for a certain amount of time. Seems like the mom is missing something emotionally and that was satisfied somehow through breastfeeding and she don’t want to give it. SHAKING MY HEAD! POOR HUSBAND!!!!!!

  2. Lets hope if in fact, it helps with the child’s I.Q. it’s higher than this needy Mom who obviously has some sort of issue and is using her children as some form of human barrier from her husband. I am a staunch supporter of breastfeeding and believe it is best for infant/baby and Mom and believe women can and should do it whenever and wherever it is required , and most women do it with the utmost regard and prudence for those people who have more delicate sensibilities. I can even understand the 2 year old still feeding. That would be the cut off for me as studies show by that age a child has already gotten most of the nutritional value from breast milk they are going to get. Therefore in my opinion it becomes redundant and possibly a psychological impairment that the Mother suffers from. I read on another site that the children call this recreation “Noo Noo” and it is given 3 times a day. But this Mom states she is doing it for the intellectual benefit of the children. I’m calling Bulls%$& on that one!

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