Decorating Your California Apartment for Christmas: 5 Great Ideas

Holidays are just around the corner, and people have already started planning how they’re going to decorate their homes this year. It’s always easy to put up a big Christmas tree, and many decorations if you live in a house, but that may not be the case when living in an apartment. Apartments are usually smaller, and when decorating, you’ll have to plan in advance to properly use up all the space. Depending on where you live in California you may not experience a white Christmas, but you can decorate your home so you’ll feel the Christmas spirit. 

Let’s explore some cool ideas that might get you inspired and help you make your home a holiday wonderland.

Photo by Gary Spears from Pexels

Determining your style

Before you start decorating, you have to determine what your style is. Choosing a great holiday décor theme will help you create a merry look for your apartment. The location, your beliefs, and your personal taste may help find a festive style that suits you best. California is usually a warm state, and its cities and suburbs don’t typically experience snow during the holidays.

So, no matter if you live in a beach house in San Diego or rent one of those cozy West Covina California apartments, make sure you celebrate the holidays spreading the Christmas cheer without sacrificing additional space. From rustic winter wonderland to frosty blue hues and layers of white, eggshell, and ivory, your taste will determine your decorations.  

Change up your living room accessories

Trade your everyday living room accessories for seasonal blankets, pillows, and a few other festive decorations. If you celebrate Christmastime as a religious experience, you can even get inspired by the saint of the day and transform your apartment to match your festive mood. Some of the best fabrics for cozy accessories include cotton linen and flannel and are perfect for nestling on the sofa while drinking hot cocoa and watching your favorite Christmas movie.

You can put a Christmas tablecloth and a centerpiece if you’re not too much into decorating, and want to make it simple and easy. Use pillow covers with red and green pom-poms for a playfully modern look, and no matter the theme opt for something cozy and joyful. The Christmas season is all about being jolly and spreading good festive vibes.

Opt for an alternative tree

If you’re residing in Texas and your apartment don’t have a place where you can put your Christmas tree, you can look for apartments for rent in Denton TX that will and are affordable. However, you can opt for an alternative tree. For example, you can consider putting up a pencil tree that doesn’t take up too much space. They’re tall and narrow and have a far smaller wingspan than those fluffier ones that will take up too much of your space. You can still put many ornaments, ribbons, and garlands to make it cheerful.

You can make a paper tree and put it on the door, or create an ornament Christmas tree. Do you perhaps have a bunch of mittens that have lost their matches? Make some crafts and put them up on the wall, and you can even pin a few pom-poms in different shades to the “branches”. Another great idea would be to decorate your houseplants so you won’t have to decorate a traditional Christmas tree. It’s also a cool way to liven up your apartment and make your plants look festive.

Light up your place

Why not put lights everywhere? Lighting up your balcony will change the atmosphere and putting up lights on the ceiling will instantly add holiday spirit. The best part is they take up very little space, and look super cool. If you want to save energy stock up on beautiful and unique candles. You can make a candle holder by wrapping them in garland and pinecones.

It will impress your guests, and it may inspire you to get even more creative. Also, certain candles trigger incredibly vivid memories and may take you back to different times when you made those memories. An aroma of fresh-baked cinnamon cookies or a warm vanilla scent will make you travel through time and warm up your heart. The holiday season is all about being creative and festive and making the most of it.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Spice up the kitchen

Apart from decorating your entire apartment, even the entryway, don’t forget about the kitchen and dining space. If your kitchen has windows, you can put up a seasonal garland, or some interesting string lights. If you want to get more creative and explore your taste, you can come up with so many different ideas.

From placing wreaths on the chairs to only serving Christmas-style kitchenware. Baking cookies and drinking hot cocoa or tea will be so much more fun in those Christmas-inspired mugs.  Making the entire place Christmassy will make that mostly white kitchen pretty and bring out good vibes. Linens, red bows, and other kitchen accessories can make a fun holiday statement.

In closing

Although California is a sunny state and usually reminds us of summer, you can bring the winter spirit by getting creative, and bringing out the cheer and good vibes this holiday season. For those who don’t like too many decorations, up your hygge game and draw inspiration from Scandinavian home décor style. Remember, even the smallest touches can make a huge difference. Place a mini Christmas tree, white garland of snowflakes, and a small wreath, and you’ll turn your living space into a subtle winter wonderland.