Decorating the Guest Bedroom

While your guest bedroom may or may not see that many people. it’s important that you make sure to make your guests feel at home.

Here are some simple decorating tips that will help your room stand out and make sure all of your guests want to leave you a five star rating.

First thing you have to do is pick a bed. Picking a foam mattress looks clean and simple. There are many options for a foam mattress but SleepCompare broke down the two that I saw as the most promising.  If I had to choose between the mattresses I would have to go with the Tuft and Needle Mattress. The price is perfect for getting a nice queen size mattress for your guests. No one will know that you only spent about $600 on the mattress.

Picking out art for the guest bedroom that is affordable can be difficult if you do not know where to look. We found that finding some small artists on Instagram can offer you some of the best deals. The value of their art is pretty spectacular. Try using hashtags like #artforsale to find out some new and interesting artists.

If there is one thing that every guest bedroom should have its a statement mirror. A statement mirror is basically a large mirror that can open up a room. DecorTemptations picked out some of the best statement mirrors on the market. We personally went with the polished frameless mirror which is the last one on their list. If you want the guest bedroom to look beyond stylish make sure to mix and match your mirror with a nice dresser for your guests. A statement mirror right above a dresser in a bedroom is extremely appealing to the eye and can help your guests feel at home.

The #1 thing you need to do if you are making a guest bedroom in your home is to sleep in it for a night. All of the things you feel like you need that night your guest will most likely need too. Whether it’s something small like a coaster for your water next to the bed or a night light in the bathroom. Those key things will show your attention to detail and make sleeping on your guest bedroom a pleasurable experience.


What color should the guest bedroom be?

We found that the best color for a guest bedroom is something very neutral. Gray, dark blue and beige are all favorites of almost all home designers.

What type of bedspread should I use?

This is completely up to you. But if we had to suggest something. Don’t get too out of your own price range. These will most likely not be used as often as your regular bedspread but make sure it’s comfy enough that your guests don’t complain.

Should I put a TV in the guest bedroom?

Sometimes it is best to not place a TV in the guest bedroom. You don’t want your guests staying in the guest bedroom the whole time while they are visiting. The best suggestion we can make is to keep the room as natural as possible. Make sure to cut out the light from all appliances!

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