Decorate Your Home With Low-Maintanence Air Plants In 16 Gorgeous Ways

Mmm, we are talking about my second favorite thing I want to do while I’m at home. Of course, the first one is cooking.

If you love decorating as much as me, then this is for you.

Some people don’t want to over-decorate their homes. I do. When I see an empty space, I sit down to my computer and search for decorating ideas I could use.

This is how I found these low-maintenance air plants. You will definitely love these.

The trick here is that they don’t use too much space. Putting the whole plant in some unused space could look ugly and unfitting.

But this is something different. It’s tiny and really cute. Or, like my husband says: It’s so perfect that I can’t even notice it.

I never understood what he meant by that. Until now.

Take a look at these ideas and feel free to “steal” one or two for your home. Your friends will notice the change right away.

Here we go:

1. Air Plant Stand


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2. Mounted Air Plants


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3. Dream Catcher Wreath


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4. Natural Air Plants’ Homes


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5. Air Plant Terrarium

air plant terrarium2

Tutorial via

6. Copper Hanging Air Plants


Tutorial via

7. Leather Pocket Air Plant Holders

Leather Pocket Air Plant Holders

Tutorial via

8. Aluminium Wire Air Plants


Tutorial via

9. Tillandsia Garden Art

Tillandsia Garden Art

Tutorial via

10. Valentines Air Plants


Tutorial via

11. Air Plant Centerpiece


Tutorial via

12. Mini Air Plant Rock Garden

Mini Air Plant Rock Garden

Tutorial via

13. Trapeze Hanging Air Plants


Tutorial via

14. DIY Air Plant Gifts


Tutorial via

15. Clay Hanging Air Plant Holders


Tutorial via

16. Hanging Air Plants

Hang Air Plants

Tutorial via

17. Geometric Planters


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Remember that I’ve said you can “steal” one or two? – I changed my mind. Feel free to use them ALL.

They are so cute. If we share the same opinion, it’s time for you to keep the momentum going. Share this with your friends via the sharing buttons below.

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