Dealing With Heartbreak – How To Move on Quickly

Heartbreaks are a phase of life which many will pass through in their relationships and friendships. Moving on from someone with whom you shared your heart in varying ways is difficult, but difficult times call for desperate measures.

Because heartbreaks can be demanding, stressful, and emotionally traumatizing, it is not a state that anyone should remain in for an extended period. But due to the gravity of its causes, many tend to get stuck, sulking, depressed, and helpless.

But not to worry, help is here!

Whether it’s a broken friendship or romantic relationship, rejection of any sort, or a loss, it is bound to badly hurt, but what happens after then? Do you wallow in pain or move on? Definitely the latter.

Here are things you can do to help you move on quickly from heartbreaks.

  • Allow yourself to grieve

 It’s usual for you to remember the time spent on that road trip, the tears shed together, or the times spent on dates when it felt like time froze for your sakes and feel sad that the current situations spell an end to such events from happening again. 

Suppressing your grief (by drowning yourself in work, booze, or drugs, for instance) will only come to hurt you in the long run.  To avoid this, accept that the happy moments indeed made you happy, the hurtful experiences were toxic, and grow to accept why it had to come to an end – while setting a daily grieving limit so as not to lose yourself to the grief.

  • Let it out with journaling

When you let out your feelings, you rid yourself of the pain of heartbreak. Journaling is a proven way to let out all the toxic emotions and thoughts. However, you can purge yourself of these feelings in any way you want.

  • Talk to a trusted few

Having a support system will come in handy in trying times like a breakup. It is the time to draw your loved ones in and have them help you through the breakup. Confiding and regularly speaking to your trusted friends about your feelings will help boost your progress in moving on quickly.  And if it becomes too much for you alone to handle, see a professional therapist or counselor.

  • Keeping your distance might help

What better way to move on quickly from pain other than staying away from the source?! While it’s easy to stalk the other party on social media platforms, go back to old text messages and letters, or leave a thousand and one voice mails, it’s unhealthy for you and will slow your healing process.

Instead, block their numbers, block them on social media, and get rid of images, videos, and whatnot – especially if you can’t escape bumping into them at work or the grocery store.  Having constant reminders of your relationships will only cause more harm than good.

 And that is why you need to

  • Channel your energy to other things

To not give your mind a reason to wander to past events or continually remember memories that will only bring pain, you can find a new hobby, exercise, or try meditation and mindfulness. You can also work to go on a vacation, learn a skill or a new language, and thing similar.

  • Look forward to the next

You must give yourself enough time to heal before jumping on the next train, but while you are healing and focusing on self-love, be positive about your future friendships and relationships. Do not cancel out possible future opportunities at happiness because of the mistakes and hurts of present times.


It is okay not to feel OK, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of admitting to being heartbroken.  When it becomes a problem is allowing your emotions to get the better of you, the reason why moving on will always be in your best interest. You can also stay at the top of your emotions by following us for more lifestyle guides while you practice these tips the next time you go through a rough time like a breakup.

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