Dark’ n’ Stormy


Dark' n' Stormy

Dark' n' Stormy

The Dark' n' Stormy, a beloved highball, has gained a devoted following due to its delightful simplicity and the harmonious blend of its bold ingredients, each contributing to the shared goal of rejuvenating the weary, heat-exhausted soul. This cocktail is composed of dark rum, notably dark rum, combined with ginger beer and a touch of fresh lime.
The opulent character of the rum awakens under the lively zest of ginger beer, while the lime adds a sharp contrast to the sweetness of both elements. Originating in Bermuda, this drink traveled up the Atlantic coast with sailing enthusiasts.
Gosling's rum has established itself as the primary choice for this recipe, even trademarking its version and taking legal action against those suggesting alternative rums. While Gosling's is undeniably delicious and synonymous with the Dark' n' Stormy, several other dark rums, such as Coruba, Zaya, Cruzan's Blackstrap, and Guyana's Lemon Hart 151, can equally shine in this cocktail.


  • Create the cocktail in a highball glass generously filled with ice, making adjustments for your desired level of sweetness and tartness. The fermentation process of ginger beer determines whether it's dry or still possesses enough sweetness, potentially eliminating the need for extra simple syrup. Finish by garnishing with a lime wedge. This recipe serves one.