Customizing lanyard card holder: Essential considerations for every user

Getting dressed for the office can be tedious due to attire and accessories regulations. Thankfully, when it comes to cardholders and lanyards, there are only a few rules that one has to follow. If you have to wear ID cards and carry multiple smart cards and credit/debit cards on you at all times, you might want to consider customizing your options.

The customized lanyards and cardholders are not new in the market. However, the advancement in design tech has enabled the creation of stylish, yet practical designs that can accommodate your ID cards, swipe and magnetic chip credit cards, and smart cards. This lanyard card holder should not only be able to hold your cards but also keep them safe from wear-and-tear.

You might need to use some cards more frequently than the others. You might even need to take them out of the cover. So, investing in a well-designed cardholder that makes taking out the necessary cards quick and easy should add at least a couple of years to the lifespan of your cards.

What type of material should you pick for your lanyard card holder?

Adding custom lanyards to your existing cardholder is easy. You can choose between a wide range of materials, including nylon, cotton, polyester twill, and woven fabric. However, none of them compare up to the style quotient of genuine leather lanyards that artisans have handcrafted from full grain cowhide. The 100% leather lanyards are resistant to sweat, their colors don’t bleed, and you can wear them in any weather. The new lanyards come in several color choices and designs, so you don’t have to settle for tan and deep brown while shopping for the leather variants.

Why is leather the favorite material of many cardholder users?

Leather lanyards for cardholders don’t just look good. They also resist daily wear-and-tear. The natural material decreases the chances of chafing and redness from wearing the ID cards around your neck for almost 10 hours per day. Since most of these lanyards are detachable when not in use, you can roll the lanyard neatly and keep it in the inner pocket of your leather tote or backpack.

Which clip types should you consider for your customized lanyard and cardholder?

You can customize your lanyard attachment while ordering your premium leather or affordable nylon ones. Depending on how often you need to wear the ID card and the nature of your work, you might have to consider 5-6 attachment types before you pick one –

1. The bulldog clip

These are the most popular attachments that you may have come across during your early years in kindergarten or primary school. These hold the plastic badges and cardholders. Experts do not recommend bulldog clip attachments for lanyards and holders for adults and office-goers. These are ideal for low-key events that expect sponsored IDs and cardholders on a low budget.

2. Trigger hook

It is similar to a swivel hook, but it has a small lever that makes opening and closing the hook easier than the former one. It is also famous as the lobster claw, and it can hold keycards, small keys as well as cardholders with confidence.

3. Detachable plastic swivel hook

This attachment comes with a readily detachable plastic hook. Although it holds the cards securely, upon sudden pressure, it will release the lanyard from the card and save injury to the neck. It is highly necessary for environments where the cardholder might snag against a door handle, drawer, or other machinery.

4. The lanyard reel

It has a square or round reel, a clip and a length of cord. The clip attaches the cardholder to the lanyard. Although it holds the cards straight, it allows the user to stow the card(s) away when they are not necessary.

5. Wide plastic clip

It is incredibly popular among corporations that design and distribute their own cardholders and lanyards. It is perfect for holders that have a horizontal slot. It is easy to use, and many schools and colleges in Singapore use wide plastic clips on lanyards for their student identification cards.

6. Split ring clips

These are as popular as they are affordable. Unless you are looking to buy lanyard clips en masse, you should try to skip over these. They are perfect for ID badges and access cards, but for individual purchase, leather lanyards with detachable clips are a finer choice.

Lanyard card holders are a part of the everyday life of the professionals in Singapore. People prefer wearing their IDs while traveling by buses and subways. It is always safer to opt for a clip that yields under high tension. Imagine getting your card caught between the sliding doors of a moving vehicle. In such unfortunate and unforeseen scenarios, detachable hooks or lanyard clip can prevent injury to the wearer.

You need to consider the kind of your job and its environment, your daily travel, and the number of times you need your card per day before you confirm your purchase.

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