Cupid’s Advice on How to Rescue a Failing Relationship

When your relationship is on the rocks, it’s easy to give up on it. Not so fast, though. Click here for a guide on how to save a failing relationship.

Relationships are a lot like rollercoasters. They have highs, where you both feel on top of the world — and they also have deep lows, where it can seem as though you hardly know one another.

Tough times are a part of any relationship, no matter how strong it is.

But when is it time to admit you’re in a failing relationship? And what can you do to fix it, for that matter? Keep reading to find out!

Make Sure You Want to Save the Failing Relationship

There are plenty of reasons why relationships fail. But before you dedicate your time and energy toward fixing your relationship, ask yourself, is it worth saving?

Generally, a relationship is only salvageable if both partners are willing to do the work needed to get things back on track. If you think your partner won’t put forth the effort, it might be time to close the curtains on your relationship, no matter how hard it might be.

You deserve to be with someone who is willing to fight for you.

Get Comfortable Talking About Your Issues

No one likes confrontation. But the truth of the matter is that it’s unavoidable at times. Especially if you’re trying to fix a relationship.

Let your partner know that you’d like to talk about some issues in your relationship. Get their input on choosing a time and location where they feel comfortable.

Plan to address any concerns you have in an open, honest, and constructive manner. Do your best not to come across as accusatory, even if you’re hurt.

Fight Fair

It can be tough to keep your head when talking about difficulties in your relationship. However, doing so can lead to productive conversations that could potentially save your relationship.

Before talking about your concerns, come up with a set of rules to ensure that all partners maintain a level of respect. If you’re not sure where to begin, this article is a great resource.

It doesn’t need to be anything complex. Some examples include:

  • No raised voices
  • No name-calling
  • Breaks are allowed
  • Stick to one topic

All in all, the right rules can keep you from saying something you might regret down the line.

Consider Counseling

If your initial discussion proves effective, discuss the possibility of attending couples counseling together.

The right couples counselor or love coach can help you get to the bottom of your differences while providing the tools you both need to establish healthy boundaries. They may also provide one-on-one counseling to give all partners a chance to speak without fear of retaliation.

Try These Tips Before Calling it a Day

Feeling stuck in a failing relationship is a horrible, draining feeling. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Whether you’re ready to call it quits or you plan to put up a fight for your love, we hope these tips prove useful. Remember, it’s all about respect and setting boundaries.

For more tips on managing life’s ups and downs, make sure to check back with our blog!

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