Criteria for Choosing the Perfect Home Cleaning Service for You!

If you are considering hiring a cleaning service for your home, then you probably have a few questions you want to ask them. You’ll want to think carefully about what you are looking for in a home cleaning company, because this a service that will directly affect your home and your lifestyle. You want a company that you can trust and that will do the kind of work you need done. Here are some criteria to keep in mind as you try to make the right decision.

Pricing You can Afford

Be careful about just paying attention to the advertised price for any cleaning service. That price usually does not include a lot of the cleaning services that people are looking for. It probably only covers a very basic cleaning, such as mopping, dusting and sweeping. Consider what services you want done and ask for a full quote that includes all of them before you make your decision. Then you can compare their prices to that of other companies to ensure you are getting not just a good deal but also something that you can afford (if you have a tile floor, FindMats has a great list of mops for it).

A Good Reputation

Anyone that you let in your home should be someone that is reliable and trustworthy. David from house cleaning calgary says “You don’t want your home damaged or things stolen while the house is being cleaned, so pay attention to the kind of reputation that the cleaning service has”. Read reviews and testimonials to find out what other people’s experiences with them have been like. This can give you a great indication of what the service will be like for you. The more recent reviews and testimonials will be the most relevant and accurate, but even older ones can clue you in to some bad experiences that might be relevant to how you will be treated.

They Can Do What You Need

Not every home cleaning service will be able to do the cleaning you want done. Some of them only offer basic services, and if you need something more delicate, intricate or involved done, then you will want to ask specifically about it. You may want to make up a list of tasks you would like to have done before you talk to the cleaning service. Find out if they can do all of those things on your list for you and how much it will cost. Some services cost more than others or require extra fees due to how difficult and time-consuming they may be. You don’t necessarily have to get everything on your list done by the cleaning service, but you should have a rough idea of what you want them to do before you find out prices and availability. Some of them simply won’t do certain tasks, and it is better to know that upfront.

Are They Available when You Need Them?

You also want to find out what times they are available and if they will be able to work with your schedule. You may want them to clean when you are at work or out of the house. Some people like to be at home when the cleaning is taking place, so you want to see how their schedule lines up with yours. If they are not going to be available at the time you want them and cannot finish up when you need them to, then you will have to consider someone else. There are enough cleaning service options out there that you don’t have to settle for anything less than exactly what you are looking for.

Their Cleaning Methods

You may have some concerns about the way the service will clean your home for you. Will they clean in an environmentally friendly way? Will they use the same kinds of cleaners that you would approve? Will they leave behind any sticky residues or any toxins that could be harmful to yourself, your family or your pets? These are all questions you should ask them about their cleaning practices to ensure that they are the kind of people you want to have in your home.

If you consider these criteria and ask the cleaning service the right questions before you make a decision, you can end up with a cleaning service that you will be very happy with.

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