Criteria for Choosing the Best Diapers for Newborns

Parents devote sometimes less time to choosing the first diapers than to choosing a crib or outfits for the baby, and this is completely justified. Unfortunately, in the store we most often can appreciate the beauty of the package, and not the real look, and especially not the “combat” qualities of the diaper. What are the signs of good diapers for newborns?

Right size

For babies, sizes 2-5 kg ​​(XXS), 3-6 (NB, Newborn), 0-5 kg, as well as size 0, or Micro (up to 2 kg) are intended. At the same time, all brands have their own “pattern” of diapers, there are wider and narrower models, and some of them are completely “small-sized”. But the kids are all different too. Therefore, for starters, you can purchase 2-3 different small packs and experience their convenience and effectiveness with the baby.


Cotton is a natural, soft and breathable material. It is the best for newborns, but diapers from it are quite expensive. Cellulose is cheaper, it gives the diapers a somewhat “cardboard” look, but it is also safe and hypoallergenic, like a non-woven fabric. But if there is polyethylene in the composition, this should alert: such a diaper will not be able to provide the skin with the necessary air exchange.


Dry gel in granules (it is more expensive and more effective) and fibrous fillers can act as an absorbent material. It is important that the substance not only quickly and efficiently absorbs, but also is distributed over the entire inner surface of the diaper, including the upper part. It is noticed that the models with the colored gel strip in the middle absorb the worst. But if the gel inside the diaper is crumpled or, even worse, it appears outside on the skin of the baby, you should immediately refuse such a product.

Locking elements

The velcro of good diapers should be reusable and not cause discomfort to the baby’s skin (do not stick, do not prick, etc.). Another essential element is the soft cuffs around the legs. Not all models have elastic bands at the waist or elastic waistband, but with them the diaper holds better and absorbs more reliably.

Special features of diapers

This is a filling indicator strip, embossing or mesh on the inner surface of the diaper for better absorption, a cutout for the navel, additional cuffs, as well as natural impregnations with antibacterial and caring properties.

What do baby diaper manufacturers offer?

All the diaper market leaders produce models for newborns. Admittedly moms, Japanese diapers (Goo.n, Merries, Moony) are not only the most gentle and comfortable, but also the highest quality and effective. True, they are not affordable for everyone, and among them there are “export” parties, the quality of which is much lower.

Still, European brands remain the leaders in popularity: Pampers, Huggies, Libero. They are cheaper, and most Russian mothers are satisfied with the quality. At the same time, premium brands and series (Fixies, Pampers Premium Care, Huggies Elit Soft) practically do not differ in properties and price from Japanese ones. Eco diapers stand apart: Naty, Greenty, Lovular and others. They are characterized by good quality, high price and inaccessibility in ordinary stores.

 So “diapers” and “diapers” – what is the difference?

Recently, I quite often came across disputes regarding the correct use of the words “diapers” and “diaper” in the same meaning. Opinions on the part of opponents are quite convincing, and have quite logical explanations. Therefore, today I propose together to understand how diapers differ from diapers, and how correctly it will be to use both options in the same context.

The differences between diapers and diapers are as follows:

  1. Diapers – products of any manufacturer, designed to prevent moisture from leaking onto clothing while urinating. “Pampers” is a specific brand of diapers.
  1. Materials Diapers are characterized by the use of only modern technological materials, including a polymer film, adsorbent substances, and cellulose. Depending on the model, diapers can be made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or even wool.  
  1. The durability of huggies vs pampers diapers are understood to mean exclusively disposable products, and the term “diaper” includes reusable products, including those that are made with your own hands.
  1. Pampers are children’s products, and diapers are produced not only for children, but also for adults, whose health does not allow them to control natural processes.

As you can see, even if you use the word “diapers” in the generally accepted meaning that goes beyond the scope of one brand, the concept of a diaper is much broader.

Nevertheless, diapers for mothers will remain one-time baby panties for a long time, which help them more effectively cope with the daily routine, regardless of their manufacturer. It is difficult to say whether to demand an immediate end to this tradition and how appropriate it is. Personally, I just would like us to continue to communicate in a language that is close and understandable to all of us.



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  1. Great post! these features will play a part in most moms lives as there is nothing difficult like getting the best diaper brand for your baby. Most of the brands give my baby rashes but I think I have not been keen on checking the features.

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