Creating The Ultimate Roll Box

In the world of a stoner, there are certain elements that are simply indispensable, just the way a soccer player can not do without their knee high socks, their soccer boots, shorts and tee, and well, a ball of course. 

Chances are that if you are reading this, you’re either quite a newbie in the world of marijuana consumption, or you are a deep cannabis enthusiast. Either way, if you are looking for ways to up your roll rox game, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s go through everything you’ll need to create the ultimate stoner roll box.

Basic Elements of a Rolling Box

Firstly, let’s go through the basic elements that every roll box or stoner kit should never miss.

In the first place, your roll box will definitely need rolling papers, after, it is called a roll box. The options when we are talking about rolling papers are about infinite, so you should take a look at your smoking habits first. 

For instance, those who tend to smoke more spliffs rather than the regular, only green joint, then you should opt for bigger sized rolling papers, such as the usual king size, considering that, since spliffs are stuffed with a mix of tobacco and weed, they tend to be bigger than joints. If you are rather on the pure-greens team, then just go for regular papers, but always stick to the unbleached ones, the white ones are way more harmful to your lungs, and they alter the weed’s flavor too! In conclusion, un-bleached.

Up next, an element no roll box should ever miss: a grinder. Or basically, a grinder is an element every stoner should have, regardless of roll box or not since almost every method of marijuana consumption will involve using a grinder. When it comes to grinders, again, the options are wide, so take your time to choose one. And since the grinder you choose will most likely have your back in uncountable times, try investing some money in buying a good one that will last for many beautiful smoking stories and experiences. If you’re looking for a portable grinder, then definitely consider its material and weight before making your purchase.

Extra Cool Elements To Check Out

Once you already count with the two most essential tools in a roll box, here are a couple of extra elements to up your game.

Firstly, get a block of filter papers. While, yes you can do with a piece of thin cardboard torn out of any personal cards, cigarette boxes and other etceteras, if you are looking to have a complete roll box, this is an element you can’t miss. Having a filter block will save you lots of time, and it will make the joints you roll look much more pro than any other torn paper you use. 

Another element that’s essential to any stoner kit is a poking object. You know, sometimes you’ll have finished rolling that joint only to find that you can not find any sharp objects to poke the weed, which makes air flow more easily, in case you didn’t know. Clippers come to save the day pretty often, but if it turns out you have a regular lighter, then this poking object could save the day. There’s no need to make any expensive purchases though, a pencil, a little stick or just anything that’s thin enough to do the job. 

If you want to go all-in with your roll box, then get a rolling stand for maximum comfort when rolling. What is a rolling stand? You might wonder. Well, a rolling stand is a small piece made of two small wooden tables that form a cross where you will be able to let your rolling paper sit comfortably as you drop your marijuana on it straight from your grinder. 

Choosing The Kit 

Once you have gathered all these elements and tools, there are only a couple of things left. First, the box or kit! If this is a portable kit, try getting something made out of fabric, which won’t weigh too much. If this rolling stoner box, see what I did there,  is meant to stay at home then just get any box you like, there are a couple of nice can boxes, or wooden as well. 

Where’s The Marijuana?

Last, but oh so definitely not least, you need weed bruh! Now, if you’re a true stoner, which you most likely are, then you probably understand the not too nice feeling of running out of marijuana. Therefore, I’d suggest that if you’ve been smoking marijuana for quite a while now, then why don’t you step up your game and turn into a cannabis cultivator as well? I know, it may sound scary at first, that’s why most people who want to jump into the world of marijuana cultivation usually start off with autoflowering cannabis seeds, which are slightly easier and more manageable to grow. 

The differences between autoflowers and regular seeds are something we best keep aside for today, all in all, they are more independent and they even take less time to grow, between 2 to 3 months. This way, by growing cannabis yourself, you’ll ensure that you never run out of weed, once you manage to reach the perpetual harvest, of course, but again, that’s a subject for the next time. Besides, there’s a pleasant feeling in cultivating and consuming your own product, and you can choose the strains and flavor you love the most too.

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash