Create Positive Feng Shui In Your Home

Feng Shui is the art of positive vibes that you can use to enhance your home with positive energy. I have noticed this as every time I’ve rearranged the furniture in my room I started feeling positive. At one point I even realized that I had too much stuff in my home so I called this London removal company to take away all of the excess stuff that I had in my home. You won’t believe how effective it was and what it did for my home.

Since then, I started researching some professional ways to improve my home. I came upon the art of Feng Shui and quickly started to realize that this is something that I need to try. When I did, I was astounded by the results and how effective it was for the house and how positive it made me feel.

I recommend everyone to try and if you are still not sure, here are a few easy tips to get you started.

Put the Necessary Objects in a Commanding Position

One of the main parts of Feng Shui is the commanding position. What does this mean? Basically, it means that certain objects need to be placed in this position as it will allow for a better flow of energy. For instance, certain objects in your home need to be position so they face the door in order to bring forth better flow of energy.

The objects that you need to put facing the door include your bed, the stove, and desk. The point is that you are able to see the door from the position these objects are put in. For instance, when cooking, it is good that you can see a little bit of the door. The same goes with the bed as when you lay down to sleep it works best when your head is turned towards the door.

Make Emphasize on the Doorway

What Feng Shui preaches is paying special attention to the door. It is often called the mouth of chi and is viewed as a portal to a different dimeson. Despite needing to face certain parts of your furniture towards it you also need to deal with the other side of the doorway. The entry point of your home needs to be kept in order to keep the chi in balance.

The cleaner it is the better. It is important that you maintaining an appearance that will be pleasing for the people who look at it. This does not mean that you need to remove and declutter everything from your entrance door, but just the unnecessary things. Try to keep the things that need to be there and throw away the rest.

Keep the Bathroom Door Closed

When it comes to Feng Shui, water means wealth. So it is a little bit odd that we are flushing away our water. A bathroom should not be considered as a positive part based on Feng Shui. But it actually goes the other way around as it preaches that we need to close the door as well as the toilet seat.

Water kind of has the ability to come back on us. Even though it means wealth, it is not clean wealth as the water that we flush away in the bathroom is dirty. So we don’t want that kind of wealth coming back to us. To be on the safe side, keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet seats down.

A Television in the Bedroom is a Big No No

Most people like having a TV set in their bedroom. Some of them say that it helps them sleep while others like having a piece of entertainment close by. But according to Feng Shi, it promotes bad energy.

In fact, all electronic equipment bring negative energy, so you don’t need something like that when you are trying to sleep. Feng Shui proposes that you do not put a television set in your bedroom or that you at least cover it while you sleep. It will affect your sleep patterns positively and allow you to sleep much better.

Keep the Windows Clean

When it comes to windows and Feng Shui, it is important to keep them clean. Windows represent eyes that look upon the world from your home and keeping them clean means that you evoke positive energy.

When you clean the windows of your home it will make you see clearly and allow you to have better input about the world around you. It will also brighten the inner space of your home so more light is able to come in and make things more positive.

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